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    CAFTA to increase DR trade with US by 30%

    April, 12 - 10:50 AM

    CAFTA to increase DR trade with US by 30%

    Santo Domingo.- Bilateral trade between the Dominican Republic and the United States should increase by 30 per cent as of the implementation of the Free Trade Agreement with Central America and the United States (DR-CAFTA).

    Such increase is expected to hover around US$9.5 billion per year.

    These considerations were stated by the chief of the United States Trade Office, Michael McGee, who recalled the experience with Chile during the first year of implementation of a similar accord.

    McGee affirmed that a major aspect to conquer for proper economic development is the trust of people in their institutions.

    He praised growth of Dominican investments in organic fruit and vegetable production, for which he augured great opportunities in the US markets.

    McGee considered that education is a fundamental factor, as well as investment in human resources training for competitiveness that the country must embrace.

    I guess this will mean an even larger trade deficit for the United States. I hope that Sellout Sue Myrick, Flip Flopin Robin Hayes and the other traitors who voted for this deal are proud.
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    burning the Mexican flag in the United States is neither a felony nor a misdemeanor, in fact, burning the American flag isn't either.

    United States v. Eichman. 496 US 310 (1990

    The Issue Before the Court:

    Is the action of burning an American flag within the context of a public protest constitute "expressive conduct," an idea that falls under the freedom of speech protection of the First Amendment?

    Held: The burning of the American flag is considered "symbolic speech" and is protected under the First Amendment.
    however, an ALIEN has no protection of the bill of rights, nor do they have the right to desecrate OUR flag in OUR streets in OUR country
    "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it" George Santayana "Deo Vindice"

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