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    California adds another 409,000 to its population

    April 30, 2009
    State adds another 409,000 to its population

    Despite a severe recession, California's population continued to grow in 2008, largely due to its continued high birthrate.

    The state Department of Finance reported today that the state's population grew by 409,000 during the year, reaching 38,293,000, based on its calculation of statistical indices.

    The growth, at 1.1 percent, is a bit lower than in other recent years. Demographers believe that the economy has discouraged the state's traditionally high level of immigration, while impelling others to seek better opportunities in other states. But births, running well over 500,000 a year, pushed the population upward, nonetheless.

    Fresno replaced Long Beach as the state's fifth most populous state during the year, demographers said, as its population hit 495,513, while San Jose saw its population rise to just over 1 million. Sand City, a tiny suburb of Monterey, was the state's fastest growing city, reaching a population of 312.

    The complete report, which includes county-by-county and city-by-city data, is available here.

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    Posted by Dan Walters
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    In LA County alone the babies born to an illegal mother made up 54% of all births in 2007, I know there is an email going around that says 2/3 but thats wrong still 55% is alot!! I'm sure the % is up now.

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