California Parents Speak Out After Teachers Brainwash Their 12-Year-Old Child Into Transgenderism, Call CPS on Parents for Using Wrong Pronouns

Shane Trejo | Dec 16, 2021

California parents are speaking out after school teachers brainwashed their 12-year-old child into becoming transgender and allegedly called CPS on them for not referring to their child by certain pronouns.
The parents, whose child in the Spreckels Union School District, were outraged after teachers groomed children with sexual propaganda in order to induct them into the LGBT movement. This is how pedophilia is becoming mainstream.

“A mistake? How many mistakes are we going to take before my child almost lost their life? They didn’t tell me that my child was suicidal. You allowed these teachers to open their classrooms teaching predatory information to a young child,” the mother said.
“You will not quiet me today. I will stand here today along with every other child,” she added.

“I think education needs to be grounded in truth. We need God back in America. We need God back in schools. I just feel that our kids are impressionable at that age, and we should keep the parents informed. I say resign or repent,” the father said.
Their speeches can be seen here:

Libs of Tik Tok
Dec 16, 2021

THREAD: 2 teachers at a California school reportedly coached a 12 year old into a trans identity behind her parents back. The school also changed her name and pronouns without informing the parents.This was the mom’s speech tonight:

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Libs of Tik Tok

The school reportedly called the parents in for a meeting where they informed them that their daughter is trans. The teacher then proceeded to call CPS on them when they didn’t use the “correct” name and pronouns. This is the dad’s speech tonight:

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12:59 AM · Dec 16, 2021

The Epoch Times has obtained recordings of public school teachers cackling about how they use an “Equality Club” under false pretenses to groom children and induct them into the LGBT lifestyle.
“It was horrifying to listen to not just one teacher but really all of the teachers in all of these seminars, excoriating parents,” said the source, going by the pseudonym Rebecca Murphy to protect her from retribution.
“The overarching theme of the classes that I attended were California teachers instructing other teachers on how to sneak in the LGBTQ+ curriculum in a manner that does not alert parents,” Murphy said of the recent California Teachers Association (CTA) seminar she attended and recorded.

Teachers could be heard cackling about how they know what is better for students than their parents. Two 7th-grade teachers led a panel titled, “How we run a ‘GSA’ in Conservative Communities.” They openly bragged about grooming children while keeping their parents in the dark.
“Because we are not official, we have no club rosters. We keep no records,” said the teacher, who is also an LGBTQ club leader. “In fact, sometimes we don’t really want to keep records because if parents get upset that their kids are coming? We’re like, ‘Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe they came?’ You know, we would never want a kid to get in trouble for attending if their parents are upset.”
They admitted “stalking” pre-teen children in order to find vulnerable victims who would be susceptible to their sexual propaganda.
“We totally stalked what they were doing on Google,” one of the teachers said.
The LGBT agenda is preying upon the souls of the children. If Christians cannot unite and stand up to put down this plague, they deserve to lose their civilization and all the blessings of liberty.

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