Exclusive: Robert Ringer sees hope if gun owners stand tough against Obama confiscators

Published: 4 hours ago

The so-called sequester cuts are yet another dose of the political theater that perpetually diverts the attention of iPod and sports addicts from such mundane matters as liberty and tyranny. By now, of course, all but the walking dead realize that whatever happens with sequestration, it would amount to nothing more than a slight decrease in the growth of spending.

Yet, every media outlet – including Fox News – has continued to play along with the “let’s all wring our hands in unison” game orchestrated by the statists in our nation’s capital. I trust you’ll excuse me if I ignore the Chicken Little stuff and address a subject that is a bit more important – our accelerating pace down the road to serfdom.

Boring as it may be, I have no choice but to bring in the Duplicitous Despot once again. Throughout his life, Obama has been an angry kid on a mission: the complete destruction of Western civilization.

The fake smile is cute and all that, but his bitterness is clearly visible in his actions. And, in all fairness, it’s understandable. His father, who abandoned him shortly after he was born, was an alcoholic, philandering failure with delusions of grandeur. Not a situation anyone would wish on a small child.

But such was Obama’s early life, and, unfortunately, his unhappiness drove him to seek out other angry people – from Frank Marshall Davis to Jeremiah Wright, from Bernardine Dohrn to Michelle Robinson. Today, of course, he is literally surrounded by an army of like-minded Marxists.

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These are radical leftists who hate America, hate Western values and hate anything in life that is pure and wholesome. Thus, there is no mystery as to why the fascist left so despises truth. After all, truth is the purest and most wholesome thing in the universe. Truth is the enemy of the Marxist crowd because, left to play itself out naturally, it will never fail to expose the most carefully crafted lie.
But the left, at least since Lenin, has developed the art of doublespeak to the point where it is capable of magically transforming the most heinous lie into an apparent truth. And once people abandon unprocessed truth and accept hydrogenated truth in its place, the left is able to impose its will on the populace without serious resistance.

Also, an important aspect of the left’s ability to transform lies into truth is that its members are masters of indignation. Well-schooled leftists religiously follow the Alinsky tactic of shaming people who dare to speak the truth.

If you speak the truth about Obamacare, you want to see millions of poor people suffer.

If you speak the truth about unemployment benefits, you want to see millions of poor people suffer.

If you speak the truth about minimum-wage laws, you want to see millions of poor people suffer.

The script never changes. It’s boring; it’s childish; it’s insulting to a thinking person’s intelligence. But it works! The left doesn’t try to intellectualize things. It keeps its message simple.

Marxist Democrats know full well that Boehner brains are incapable of processing intellectual thoughts … or facts … or moral issues. Boehner brains are wired to simply give knee-jerk responses – the kind of responses that aid the Dirty Dems in moving evermore rapidly down the road to serfdom.

There is but one way to combat the emotional sewage of the left: Confront it – head-on – loud, clear and unequivocally. Timidity does not work. The left thrives on the timidity, cowardice and the lack of principle of statist conservatives.

What is annoying about all this is that millions of us knew the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about Obama before he ever took office. We knew he would never make the original of his birth certificate available to any independent authority. We knew he would use the Cloward-Piven strategy to collapse the economy and make virtually everyone dependent on the state. And we knew he would try to ban all guns in order to make citizens defenseless.

At the risk of drying out Chris Matthews’ pee-soaked trousers, I am compelled to speak the unspeakable: Barack Obama is not “the smartest guy in the room.” In fact, as those who knew him at the University of Chicago have made clear, he is not even a particularly intelligent individual. He is, however, exceedingly clever and cunning.

Which is why guns are now at the top of his agenda. He senses that the tea party is threatening to make a comeback, this time with many more rednecks in the mix. Rednecks are a government’s worst nightmare because they 1) own lots of guns, and 2) often live in hard to reach places – e.g., the Ozarks, the Appalachians and the Smokys. And they don’t much care for people who wear government badges.

Whenever government tries to exert absolute control over the citizenry, the use of force is a must. You cannot stop people from doing things they want to do, or make them do things they don’t want to do, without applying brute force. And that’s a dangerous tactic when there are several hundred million guns stashed away in private hands.

It would take an inestimable number of Waco-style attacks to root out every redneck in the U.S. That’s why Hitler, Stalin and every other brutal dictator has been smart enough to grab people’s guns early on. After that, gulags, gas chambers and firing squads are easily put into place.

Do I seriously believe that gulag prison camps are possible in the U.S.? Yes.

Do I seriously believe that gas chambers and mass executions are possible in the U.S.? Yes.

In fact, any kind of atrocities are possible, but only if government first accomplishes its No. 1 objective: confiscating your guns. Remember, when people fear the government, they get tyranny. But when the government fears the people, they get freedom. And government will continue to fear the people so long as the people have guns. In that vein, may God bless rednecks everywhere.

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