Canadian health authorities asked Pfizer to provide information about DNA fragments in COVID-19 vaccines

05/03/2024 // Cassie B. // 1.9K Views

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The Canadian drug regulator pressed Pfizer for data about the size of the DNA fragments in its mRNA COVID-19 vaccine amid concerns about genomic integration after finding out the company withheld information about the jabs’ DNA sequences.This is according to information that was recently released as part of an access to information request. It shows that Health Canada sent a formal request for clarification to Pfizer on August 4, 2023, and that an official with the regulator was keeping their American and European counterparts updated on their interactions with the Big Pharma firm as they determined the best way to deal with the recently discovered impurities in DNA fragments.
Health Canada Vaccine Quality Division Senior Scientific Evaluator Dr. Dean Smith wrote to officials at the FDA and the European Medicines Agency: “As you are aware, the fragment size is related to the probability of integration, and the WHO guidance assumes a fragment size of generally less than 200 bp.”
However, the average fragment size in a study of Canadian mRNA vials carried out by virologist Dr. David Speicher was 214 base pairs (bp), and some were as big as 3.5 kilobase (kb).
There are numerous potential problems associated with DNA fragments, including a greater risk of cancer. Depending on their size, they may produce aberrant proteins. Dr. Speicher said: “These proteins can affect cellular metabolism, an immune response, as well as an increased risk for cancer. The risk of integration and associated health problems increases with the number of shots.”
Scientists from Health Canada held private discussions about working with international partners to get Pfizer to remove the Simian Virus 40 (SV40) sequences and DNA fragments from the jabs and drafted a series of requests for clarification from the vaccine maker.
Health Canada was reportedly caught off guard by the presence of genetic substances in the vaccines that Pfizer failed to disclose, sending a number of requests for additional information following their submission to get their updated Omicron shot authorized.
When grilled by the health authority about the size distribution of the DNA fragments and the presence of residual intact circular plasmid, Pfizer brushed them off, claiming the data was unavailable and that they would need time to generate it. They also maintained that no other regulators in the world had asked them for such information.
Although they promised to supply more information by December 1, the access to information response does not include any reply. However, Health Canada did submit another request for information reminding Pfizer to provide the data and added a request for them to explain “whether the residual DNA plasmid is capable of replication in bacteria.”
Dr. Speicher said that only circular plasmids can replicate in a bacterial host, and they have the potential to create a bacterial spike factory.
“This would cause an increase in antibiotic resistance of the bacteria including pathogens and increase spike production, and we know that spike is toxic on so many levels,” he added.
Why is Pfizer being so evasive?

Pfizer should have tested this prior to releasing the jabs, he said, and their claim that they did not have the data could be an indication that they never conducted these tests.
University of South Carolina Cancer Genetics Lab Director Dr. Philip Buckhaults has launched a study exploring the issue, while Florida State Surgeon General Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo has called for the use of the shots to be stopped while these effects are investigated. He also sent a letter to the FDA expressing his concerns about the safety of the vaccines.
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