Canadian leftists go out of their way to defend Muslim terrorist who slashed a victim’s throat

Friday, April 07, 2023 by: JD Heyes
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(Natural News) There is no more destructive force in the Western world today than left-wing ideology, which is rapidly destroying our civil societies throughout Europe and North America, and that is also true of Canada.
“Canada’s leaders and media consistently act as an attorney to defend jihadis and the Islamic ideology that motivates these attacks,” The Rair Foundation began in a post this week.
On April 1, 2023, a passenger on a bus in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada was attacked by Abdul Aziz Kawam, who is Muslim. Kawam used a knife to slash the victim’s throat, despite the victim’s attempts to fight back and throw Kawam out of the back doors of the bus. The victim sustained life-threatening injuries.
On Monday, prosecutors added four counts of terrorism to the initial charge of attempted murder against Kawam, 28. He is accused of acting “for the benefit of, at the direction of, or in association with a terrorist group, to wit: the Islamic State [ISIS].” The inclusion of the terrorism charges increases the potential sentence he could receive to life in prison, the report said.
According to court documents, Kawam is also facing assault charges in a separate case for allegedly using a knife to attack another individual at a bus stop on the same day. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has stated that the attack was motivated by “extremism” and inspired by ISIS, the report continued.
In a statement released by the RCMP, Assistant Commissioner Dwayne McDonald said: “The attack was inspired by the violent ideology of a terrorist organization, and it represents a serious threat to public safety and our way of life.”
Open borders Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has condemned the attack, calling it a “senseless act of violence” and reaffirming the country’s commitment to fighting “extremism and terrorism.”
The Rair Foundation noted further:
As you can see by the police and Trudeau’s statements, leaders and law enforcement officers across the West continue to go to great lengths to label the Muslim terrorist as an “extremist” who perverted the Islamic religion. Compounding the problem is leftists like Canada’s Prime Minister, who are living in Western countries and do not allow any healthy discussion or reasonable concerns about Islam or Sharia. Instead, they act as attorneys to defend jihadis and the Islamic ideology that motivates attacks, as we just witnessed in Vancouver.
Canadian news outlets and authorities were quick to suggest that Abdul Aziz Kawam may be suffering from mental illness. This approach is often used to protect Muslims who harm or pose a threat to non-Muslims. Critics argue that the left often defends the attacker and suggests that they might be experiencing “psychological issues.”
In previous reports by the RAIR Foundation USA, it was noted that in almost all cases of attacks by jihadists or migrants in Europe, the media and politicians conceal the identity of the attackers. However, in rare instances where the identity and citizenship status of the attacker are revealed, they are often presented as possibly suffering from mental health issues. Sadly, this same tactic appears to have made its way to Canada, the report noted further.
Despite attempts by Canadian leaders and media to defend Islam, Muslim terrorists worldwide share one common factor: they attribute their motivation and success to religion. The driving force behind Abdul Aziz Kawam’s actions and terrorist groups like ISIS is religious in nature, and not the work of an “extremist.”
Their behavior and actions are a part of their belief system, which has enabled them to commit mass slaughter of non-believers, the report continued.
It’s impossible to meet and defeat your enemy if you refuse to identify him out of ‘political correctness.’
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Canadian leftists go out of their way to defend Muslim terrorist who slashed a victim’s throat –