Canadian Muslims organize “Million Person March” to banish gender ideology and child mutilations

04/30/2024 // Ethan Huff // 2.4K Views

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Since nobody else is doing anything about it, Canada's Muslim population is organizing an "interfaith" crusade against gender ideology and all the child mutilations that go with it.An Ottawa businessman and devout Muslim by the name of Kamel El-Cheikh, the organizer behind the so-called Million Person March for Children, believes that parents should be free to raise their children according to their own faith without having the public school system brainwash them into joining the Cult of LGBT.
Last September, El-Cheikh coordinated a protest in favor of expanded parental rights in Canada, which is one of the worst countries for freedom of speech in opposition to transgender doctrines.
Protests ended up spawning all over Canada, from Vancouver to Halifax, and were joined by not just Muslims but also Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus and even non-religious people who recognize that children's innocence needs to be protected from the perverts out there who seek to destroy it.
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Israel-Gaza conflict dividing the people

All in all, there were at least a million people nationwide in Canada who protested alongside El-Cheikh – that is, until the October 7 Hamas attack and corresponding Israeli response, which has since taken over the news cycle.
El-Cheikh had planned a follow-up march to the September one on October 21 of last year, but he ended up canceling it after determining that war in the Middle East would inevitably become a point of contention within the different camps of his interfaith supporters.
"Christians and Muslims came together in this country nine months ago, and it was a match made in heaven," El-Cheikh told The Post Millennial in an interview. "It was beautiful."
Now that more than six months have passed since the October 7 incident, El-Cheikh wants people to move past the conflict, even though there are still serious concerns about what will become of the people of Gaza now clustered in Rafah as Israel carries on with its mission.
"You know, a lot has happened since October 7, but a lot has happened in the Middle East since 1948," El-Cheikh said. "And I don't want to go down that rabbit hole. It's a big one."
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one that quite frankly will never be solved until God himself brings things to a head. As such, El-Cheikh wants people who oppose LGBT perversion to continue working together to root it out of schools and hopefully out of society entirely.
Over the next six months, El-Cheikh is planning to expand the Million People March organization.
"We're adding mortgage agents to it," he explained. "More Christians, we've added Sikhs to the organization ... and you know, I think any good organization, for it to grow, they need to be able to navigate through the tribulations of what society throws, and you need to be patient, you need to be level-headed and you need to be calm at all times, even when you are getting the heat yourself."
It is precisely these tribulations, many of them engineered, that divide people for all of the wrong reasons while preventing them from unifying for all of the right reasons. This is known as the divide-and-conquer strategy, and North Americans especially have been under assault with this tactic for decades.
"I'm nonpartisan [but] I like to applaud politicians when they say the right things in this context, what Pierre Poilievre said," El-Cheikh added, referring to a Conservative leader in Canada who says he supports a "mind your own business" style of government.
"Everybody's on that, right? We like what he says, you know, freedom ... freedom to raise your kids however you want."
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Canadian Muslims organize “Million Person March” to banish gender ideology and child mutilations –