[Watch] Charles Krauthammer Ė Climate Change like a Rain Dance, Absurd Superstition

Posted on 9 May, 2014 by Rick Wells

The video sets up with Jay Carney decrying ďan inclination upon some to doubt the science despite the overwhelming evidence and the overwhelming percentage in the 97% range of scientists who study this issue who agree that climate change is real and it is the result of human activity.Ē

Charles Krauthammer responds saying, ď99% of physicists were convinced that space and time were fixed until Einstein, working in a patent office, wrote a paper in which he showed that they are not.

Krauthammer continued saying, ďIím not impressed by numbers, Iím not impressed by consensus. When I was a psychiatrist I participated in consensus conferences on how to define depression and mania. These are things that people negotiate in the way you would negotiate a bill. Because the science is unstable, because in the case of climate the models are changeable, and because climate is so complicated.

The idea that we who have trouble forecasting whatís going to happen on Saturday in the climate could pretend to be predicting whatís going to happen in thirty, forty years is absurd. And you always that see no matter what happens, whether itís a flood or itís a drought, whether itís warming or cooling, itís always a result of what is ultimately what we are talking about here human sin with the pollution of carbon.

Itís the oldest superstition around, it was in the Old Testament, itís in the rain dance of Native Americans, if you sin the skies will not cooperate. This is quite superstitious and Iím waiting for science which doesnít declare itself definitive but is otherwise convincing.