ChatGPT AI taught to single out ‘hateful content’ by silencing whites, Republicans and MEN: Research

Monday, February 06, 2023 by: JD Heyes
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(Natural News) As big tech advances into the next phase, which is artificial intelligence, it is already being used as a political tool like previous algorithms on various social media platforms.
After billionaire Elon Musk purchased Twitter, he began releasing, through a number of investigative journalists, so-called “Twitter Files” — once secretive documents and email communications that clearly demonstrate how the previous management team worked with the deep state to censor ‘unacceptable’ political, social, cultural, and scientific viewpoints, the vast majority of them on the right.
Now, as AI matures, it is also being used in a similar manner, according to new research.
“OpenAI, the company behind the headline-grabbing artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT, has an automated content moderation system designed to flag hateful speech, but the software treats speech differently depending on which demographic groups are insulted, according to a study conducted by research scientist David Rozado,” the Daily Caller reported last week.
“The content moderation system used in ChatGPT and other OpenAI products is designed to detect and block hate, threats, self-harm and sexual comments about minors, according to Rozado. The researcher fed various prompts to ChatGPT involving negative adjectives ascribed to various demographic groups based on race, gender, religion and various other markers and found that the software favors some demographic groups over others,” the report noted further.
Rozado said his research found that the software was much more likely to flag comments that were negative about Democrats as compared to similar remarks about Republicans. Also, he said that it was more likely to permit hateful and belligerent comments about conservatives than liberals, while negative remarks about women were much more likely to get a flag than those about men.

David Rozado

Likelihood of derogatory comment about demographic group being flagged as hateful by ChatGPT/OpenAI content moderation systemFull report:

4:23 AM · Feb 2, 2023

“In this work I have focused on the hate category of OpenAI content moderation system. OpenAI content policy specifically claims to strive to prevent content that expresses, incites, or promotes hate based on demographic identity,” the study noted.
“The experiments are very straightforward. I test OpenAI content moderation system on a set of standard demographic identity groups based on gender, ethnicity/race, region of origin, sexual orientation, religious identity, political orientation/affiliation, gender identity, body weight, disability status, educational attainment, and socioeconomic status. I also use a list of 356 adjectives signifying negative traits/behavior,” it adds.

“The ratings partially resemble left-leaning political orientation hierarchies of perceived vulnerability,” Rozado wrote in his research paper. “That is, individuals of left-leaning political orientation are more likely to perceive some minority groups as disadvantaged and in need of preferential treatment to overcome said disadvantage.”

“The differential treatment of demographic groups based on gender by OpenAI Content Moderation system was one of the starkest results of the experiments. Negative comments about women are much more likely to be labeled as hateful than the same comments being made about men,” he wrote. “Another of the strongest effects in the experiments had to do with ideological orientation and political affiliation. OpenAI content moderation system is more permissive of hateful comments being made about conservatives than the same comments being made about liberals.”
This is just the latest confirmation of political and gender bias on social media. After billionaire Elon Musk bought Twitter, he began releasing, through several journalists, internal documents proving what many conservatives suspected for years: That the platform was inherently biased against them and Republican political ideology while being far more accommodating to liberals and Democrats.
But while Musk is reforming Twitter and reintroducing the platform’s original commitment to free speech and the free exchange of ideas, the new wave of AI is already being manipulated to censor and throttle conservatives — again.
No wonder our country is bifurcating.
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