China and Clinton Emails: Hack or Invitation?

How convenient that the Clintons, who have been cozy with the Chinese for decades, can claim they were hacked.

By Brian C. Joondeph

A Chinese-owned company operating in the Washington, D.C. area hacked Hillary Clinton's private email server, gaining real-time access to her emails during her term as U.S. secretary of state. The Daily Caller reported this bombshell, corroborated by two sources.
One might quibble about unnamed sources, but this is the new standard in journalism. CNN, NBC, the N.Y. Times, and the rest of the fakestream media regularly rely on anonymous sources for their anti-Trump stories.
Apparently, the Chinese wrote code that they embedded into Clinton's home server in her Chappaqua home, which conveniently sent a copy of all of her emails to this Chinese company – and, by default, to the Chinese government.
This is exactly why official government email communications must travel only through secure government servers: to prevent such electronic intrusion.
But the rules don't apply to the Clintons. Former FBI director James Comey admitted as much in his famous July 2016 press conference when he explained in detail how Mrs. Clinton negligently and illegally handled national security materials but that she would be given a pass based on her last name and her presidential candidacy.
The other less mentioned reason is that then-president Barack Obama was regularly communicating with Mrs. Clinton via her unsecure server. How inconvenient if the president was found to be mishandling classified material.
The FBI and DOJ were well aware of the server hack in July 2015 but did nothing about it. James Comey's book, A Higher Loyalty, was appropriately named. Unfortunately, his higher loyalty was to Mrs. Clinton, not the USA, the FBI, or the U.S. Constitution.
What if this wasn't actually a hack? Instead, what if Mrs. Clinton allowed the Chinese to access her server, knowing full well that she was giving a foreign adversary full access to communications at the highest levels of the U.S. government?
Why would she do that? Conspiring with a foreign government or serving as an agent of that government is highly illegal. How ironic if Mrs. Clinton is doing what the Deep State and the media are accusing president Trump of having done. That's called projection.
Given the Clintons' pattern of behavior, one must assume they were being paid for giving the Chinese access. This is just another form of "pay to play." Mrs. Clinton would be paid not directly, but instead through her money laundromat, the Clinton Foundation.
The Clinton Foundation has ties to the Chinese, as well as many other foreign governments hostile to U.S. interests. The South China Morning Post reported earlier this year, "The FBI is investigating donations to the Clinton Foundation – but will charges follow?"
Ask Jeff Sessions about the charges. Money was flowing into the Clinton Foundation from all over the world, disguised, rerouted through a Canadian charity, all to obscure its origins.
Longtime Clinton pal Terry McAuliffe was caught selling influence for Chinese cash. As the Washington Post reported, "Wang Wenliang, a Chinese billionaire and donor to the Clinton Foundation and Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, has been expelled from China's top legislature after being caught up in a widespread cash-for-votes scheme."
Sexual abuse scandals seem to follow the Clintons closely. An ex-Clinton Foundation official was tied to a Chinese kindergarten "bizarre sexual abuse scandal," as reported last year.
In 2005, the Clinton Foundation brokered pharmaceutical deals for HIV-AIDS drugs with a Chinese pharma group.
I'm sure there are more deals between the Clinton Foundation and the Chinese, but the ones above popped up first on a quick internet search.
Did the Clintons pull this off on their own, or did they have help? As Congressman Louis Gohmert pointed out, the Intelligence Community inspector general knew about the breach, meaning that the FBI did as well. But in Comey fashion, the intelligence agencies did nothing about it.
Why did they ignore it? Because the boss wanted it that way, the big guy in the Oval Office. He was already aware of the unsecure and illegal server and was using it to communicate with his secretary of state and who knows whom else. Was President Obama benefiting from this "Chinese Connection"? And I don't mean the old Bruce Lee movie.
Providing access to a server or a computer is a much cleaner way to disseminate national security secrets. No paper trail, and if caught, they can always say they were hacked. The DOJ can investigate and indict, just as Robert Mueller indicted a bunch of Russian troll farms, but those charges are for show and go absolutely nowhere.
Remember Anthony Weiner's laptop, the one holding hundreds of thousands of emails, many belonging to Mrs. Clinton or Mrs. Weiner? The same FBI that chose not to investigate the Chinese access to the Clinton server similarly chose not to investigate the Weiner laptop emails.
How easy would it have been for Hillary or Huma to provide the appropriate login credentials to any foreign agent so that agent could access the email account remotely, browsing through highly classified national security information from the top echelons of the Obama administration?
Who might have had access? Huma has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood through her parents. The Clintons have ties to the Chinese going back as far as the Bill Clinton presidency, campaign contributions, Charlie Trie, missile technology, and all sorts of other "pay to play" schemes.
How convenient to blame the server breach on a hack when it may have been intentional. It's easy to blame the Chinese, yet the reality is that the Clintons may have left the front door wide open, with a bright welcome mat and a path of Chinese lanterns leading from Beijing to Chappaqua –
all for money, contributions to the Clinton slush fund. With the Clintons, everything is for sale. National security, weapons, soldiers, you name it.
What a coincidence that this happened while Mrs. Clinton was secretary of state and was using her illegal server.
The Chinese government systematically dismantled C.I.A. spying operations in the country starting in 2010, killing or imprisoning more than a dozen sources over two years and crippling intelligence gathering there for years afterward.
One can only hope that Horowitz or Huber is investigating all of this, rather than the business-as-usual approach of the FBI and DOJ to exonerate the Clintons without even a cursory investigation. Don't listen to the media narrative of a hack, as it is likely a convenient deflection from the real story.

Brian C Joondeph, M.D., MPS is a Denver-based physician and writer. Follow him on Facebook, LinkedIn
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