China-linked University of Delaware Biden partnership was Hunter’s “baby” and part of the Biden Crime Family’s “wealth creation” strategy

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Many people do not realize this but fake president Joe Biden actually boasts
two incubation centers on American college campuses: one at the University of Pennsylvania and another lesser-known one at the University of Delaware.Many know full well about UPenn's Biden Center, but fewer are aware that the University of Delaware opened a Biden Institute on the very same day, both intended to be "incubators" for advancing globalism and leftism throughout America and the world.
The UPenn Biden Center, as explained by Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow in his book Breaking Biden: Exposing the Hidden Forces and Secret Money Machine Behind Joe Biden, His Family, and His Administration, has long served as a pipeline for Biden to funnel allies into his regime. And like with the University of Delaware's Biden Institute, the UPenn Biden Center was opened following what Marlow describes as "a suspicious influx in Chinese donations to the university."
"Together with a Penn Biden office in D.C.," Marlow reveals, "the two entities would be the public-facing 'stage' for the 'Biden Brand.'"
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Joe Biden is communist China's president, not America's president

Most of the key players at the University of Delaware's Biden Institute have either been actual Biden family members, people with deep ties to communist China, or both. This is why the Biden Institute at this school was dubbed Hunter's "baby," serving as a much larger asset for replicating the Clinton Global Initiative minus the awkward fundraising component.

It remains largely hazy as to how the University of Delaware funds its Biden Institute without fundraising, but Marlow and others suspect that influence peddling overseas, which is Hunter and "the big guy's" expertise, plays a major role in that operation.
It was on Dec. 11, 2018, that the University of Delaware announced the naming of its public policy school after Joe Biden. Leaked emails show that members of the school's Biden Institute orchestrated this announcement on the very day that Hunter received a text message from his aunt and former Joe Biden campaign manager Valerie Owens, who now chairs the Biden Institute, giving him credit for the partnership.
"Bravo Hunter – UD was your baby and you made sure I was part of it," Owens wrote in the SMS message.
From the very beginning, both Biden Institutes disclosed having received funding from communist China not long after the Biden Crime Family forged ties with the regime.
As expected following these arrangements, the two institutes began stocking up on Biden appointees – at least 12 that we know of so far – including soon-to-be-senior Biden adviser Mike Donilon and Surgeon General Vivek Murthy.
It took the University of Delaware until April 2018 to publicly disclose that it had received funds from China, including a $3.2 million contract with an unnamed Chinese entity. Later in December, another $1.9 million came from yet another unnamed Chinese entity.
"In 2019, UD received another $625,000 from China. In 2020, UD initiated three contracts with the Chinese entities and received over $1 million in funds," Marlow explains. "In sum, UD has received over $6.7 million from unnamed Chinese sources, including a substantial amount from the Chinese government."
Then came the immediate launch of the Penn Biden Center, which was paid similar mysterious sums of money from China. It is believed that at least some of the unnamed Chinese entities deal with Chinese military technology, which if true makes the Biden Crime Family the Biden Treason Family as well.
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China-linked University of Delaware Biden partnership was Hunter’s “baby” and part of the Biden Crime Family’s “wealth creation” strategy –