By: John Hayward
3/12/2013 07:46 AM

Fox News reports on the latest developments in the case of Melowese Richardson, the Cincinnati poll worker who admitted to voting multiple times, and has now been charged with six counts of multiple voting in 2012, plus some charges from previous years:

She admitted voting twice in the presidential election last November, and now, Obama supporter Melowese Richardson has been indicted for allegedly voting at least six times. She also is charged with illegal voting in 2008 and 2011.

The 58-year-old veteran Cincinnati poll worker, indicted Monday, faces eight counts of voter fraud. Two others, one of whom is a nun, have been charged separately.

Richardson had admitted on camera to a local TV station, “Yes, I voted twice,” claiming she was concerned that her vote would not count. She also said there “was no intent on my part to commit any voter fraud.”

I’ll fight it for Mr. Obama and Mr. Obama’s right to sit as president of the United States,” she proclaimed in the interview.

“Right to sit as president?” While she’s in prison, she should be enrolled in Remedial Opposition to Fascism 101. Her final exam should be a paper on “Why Nobody Has a ‘Right’ to Be President In a Free Country.” The prosecutor has the right idea:

Officials charged that she voted in her own name by absentee ballot and also in person at the polls, but Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney Joseph Deters said she also is charged with voting in the name of five other people in various elections.

This is not North Korea,” Deters said in a statement announcing the indictments. “Elections are a serious business and the foundation of our democracy. In the scheme of things, individual votes may not seem important, but this could not be further from the truth. Every vote is important and every voter and candidate needs to have faith in our system. The charges today should let people know that we take this seriously.”

Of course, after vote fraud defenders unsuccessfully attempt to erase Richardson from history, they’ll fall back to the argument that this is all incredibly rare, hardly ever happens, so there’s no reason to use the same technology we take for granted when boarding an airplane to secure the integrity of our ballots – because asking people to show proper ID when they cast a vote to shape our titanic government would “intimidate” them, but the same people have no problem flashing their ID when they purchase beer, open a checking account, or collect government benefits.

But perhaps more significant than the outrageous extent of Richardson’s ballot abuse is the casual ease it was carried out with. She’s a veteran poll worker, but her defense has always been that she wasn’t sure her absentee ballot would be counted, so she voted again (and again, and again…) just to be sure. She illegally voted in at least two previous elections to boot. One of the ballots she used illegally belonged to her granddaughter, who thinks “it wasn’t a big deal” for Grandma to vote in her name.

Two other people were charged with multiple voting alongside Richardson… one of them a nun, Sister Marguerite Kloos, who resigned as Dean of the Division of Arts and Humanities at Mount St. Joseph’s and entered a guilty plea to avoid indictment. Sister Kloos voted in the name of a nun who died before the absentee ballots went out. She took pains to forge the dead nun’s signature. An elderly man named Russell Glassop did the same thing with his late wife’s ballot. And according to the Cincinnati Enquirer, “some questions linger about 50 people who cast an absentee ballot and then voted on a provisional ballot.”

None of the high-profile accused in this case have offered extensive comment to the media, but if they did, Kloos and Glassop would probably claim they didn’t do anything “wrong” – they were just trying to carry out the electoral wishes of their deceased loved ones. It’s interesting that the same people who vigorously oppose common-sense voter ID laws tend to support all sorts of other legal regimes designed to steer bumbling citizens away from bad decisions. ObamaCare is packed full of such policies, and its spirit informed the recently defeated Big Gulp Ban in New York City. People need the firm hand of the State to guide them in meal selection… but the ballot box must remain a carnival of error, because it would be somehow immoral to employ measures that would prevent both Melowese Richardson’s malevolent neo-fascism and ostensibly well-meaning but lunkheaded abuse?

If anything, this case shows that we need to tighten up absentee ballots as well as in-person voting. What’s the point of catching some percentage of vote fraud after the election? Does anyone think the discovery of any degree of ballot-box funny business would overturn a major national election? This is a crime that must be discouraged before it happens, and that’s only possible with serious efforts at detection, combined with serious legal consequences.

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