The Coming Civil War: Total Government Control at the Point of a Gun

By Allan Erickson / 10 April 2014

One of the truly amazing aspects of current events is seeing Obama denounce Russian aggression even as he orchestrates aggressive occupation of all dimensions of American life. One aspect of the overall strategy is the use of a particular tactic: bullying to submission all opposition.

Verbal violence by the Left is nothing new. Verbal violence gushed from the lips of Karl Marx at the beginning, and every radical since has likewise spewed vicious condemnations. Today, Dirty Harry Reid continues his long train of abuses, telling bold-faced lies as if there is no accountability at all. Hundreds of his associates follow suit, escalating, now that they sense utter demise come November.

Verbal violence serves them well in mustering the troops. Propping up bogey men, instilling fear, and directing the wrath of the mob comes right out of the Left’s playbook. Verbal violence can also be useful in provoking real violence, and now we see that drama being staged by the likes of Senator Chuck Schumer, (202-224-6542), and many of his comrades. Lenin roundly endorsed killing as a ‘progressive’ political tactic.

It’s one thing for Cher to join Michael Moore and others urging the killing of Tea Party people or GM officials or the Koch Brothers. That’s bad enough. And it’s another thing for some comedian to joke about ripping out somebody’s uterus, or wanting to castrate all white Christians, forms of enlightened opposition to traditional values and the pro-life movement.

But when the federal government begins arming tens of thousands of federal workers, buying up billions of rounds of ammunition, and turning police into a military force equipped with tanks, the least you can say is they have more than law enforcement in mind.

Worse than all that, you have a president and congressmen actively seeking the destruction of all political opposition, willing to completely violate the rule of law to accomplish it. Government officials in various states have already started confiscating guns owned by law-abiding citizens, kicking doors in without warrants, violating citizen rights. The peace keepers are becoming the law breakers.

Sen. Schumer arrogantly insists the IRS be used to destroy the Tea Party. Why does the IRS need shotguns and AKs? What parts of ObamaCare require IRS enforcement backed by fire power? Why is Schumer being allowed to promote the use of the IRS as a political weapon?

Why does Homeland Security need two billions rounds of ammunition?

Why is the White House forcing banks to stop doing business with certain companies perceived as enemies? Ever hear of OPERATION CHOKE POINT?

Why is Obama demanding immigration and border control officers be prohibited from arresting illegal aliens?

At least the Supreme Court is reviewing Obama’s EPA bypassing Congress to promote eco-totalitarianism, the last hope of saving checks and balances, but the overwhelming federal bureaucracy plunders on. Who could forget the stark effort to enroll the church in the EPA march to tyranny? Know that presently Obama is recruiting church leaders to promote ObamaCare, despite provisions contradicting biblical values, such as the requirement organizations violate conscience to provide abortion benefits.

When Obama controls our guns and ammunition, our money, our healthcare, the environment, the land, our resources, and law enforcement, he won’t have to control food and water, though he is moving into those areas as well. And the more Obama pushes, the more likely the push back. This means it won’t be long before civil war breaks out, that is, if the power elite continue their aggressions and provocations, and if the opposition insists on survival.
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