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    Congresswoman outraged over being wiretapped... but voted for the Patriot Act

    Some things you just have to
    learn the hard way

    Harman defended the Bush administration's use of international (cross-border) warrantless wiretapping through the National Security Agency, saying: "I believe the program is essential to U.S. national security and that its disclosure has damaged critical intelligence capabilities."

    Harman suggested that both the "despicable" whistleblowers and the New York Times, which broke the story, should be investigated, and in the case of the NY Times, "limits on press immunity" should be looked into. Harman repeatedly pressured the Times not to publish the warrantless wiretap story. In October or November 2004, Harman called Phillip Taubman, Washington bureau chief of the Times, to discourage him from running the story. In December 2005, Harman was among a group of lawmakers who visited Taubman in an attempt to convince him not to run the story.

    Following reports in April 2009 of her conversations being recorded without her knowledge, she appeared to take a different stance regarding wholly domestic wiretaps. In an interview with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC:

    "That's what I've asked Attorney General Holder to do�to release any tapes, I don't know whether they were legally made or not, of my conservations about this matter... and to hope that he will investigate whether other members of Congress or other innocent Americans might have been subject to this same kind of treatment. I call it an abuse of power in the letter I wrote him this morning... I'm just very disappointed that my country�I'm an American citizen just like you are�could have permitted what I think is a gross abuse of power in recent years. I'm one member of Congress who may be caught up in it, but I have a bully pulpit and I can fight back. I'm thinking about others who have no bully pulpit, and may not be aware, as I was not, that right now, somewhere, someone is listening in on their conversations, and they're innocent Americans."

    -Jane Harman

    I'm not quite sure how to prefice this one.

    I'd like to laugh out loud (LOL) at this woman's hypocrisy and how
    it is now coming back to bite her on the behind, but really, it is
    not at all funny that this is happening.

    Former Rep. Jane Harman was reportedly wiretapped and recorded by
    the NSA, in 2005, telling a suspected Israeli agent that she would
    lobby the Bush administration to reduce the charges against two
    Israeli spies in exchange for efforts in favor of her political
    appointment to Chair the House Intelligence Committee.

    Of course, after having voted for the Patriot Act and extensions to
    the Patriot act, which authorized warrantless wiretaps, she now
    wants to cry foul and mumble something about the Constitution.

    Screw it! I'm rolling on the floor laughing (ROFL)...


    In Humor, Truth Congresswoman outraged over being wiretapped... but voted for the Patriot Act

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    Funny I guess another case of signing the bill and not reading it!!!!

    I can see it now "exemption"
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