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    Constitutional CRISIS Looms As Key Swing States May BLOCK Biden, Trump Could Win Dele

    Constitutional CRISIS Looms As Key Swing States May BLOCK Biden, Trump Could Win Delegation Vote.

    Hearings currently underway to determine if votes should be certified and a lawsuit filed in PA challenges the constitutionality of mail in voting.Democrats and media insist Joe Biden won when not only has the electoral college not voted but most states have no even certified results.Trump and Republicans are fighting tooth and nail to win by any means necessary. If Republicans refused to certify it could create a constitutional crisis in Michigan and with the current lawsuit in Pennsylvania it seems that PA may already be entering one.
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    Anybody who "certifies" this dirty election faces felony fraud charges and a minimum of 10 years in prison.

    No one in their right mind should allow money laundering, child sniffing, grouping, lying cheat, bought and paid for China puppet, 47 years do nothing Joe Biden continue to destroy our country. His open border policy alone will be our demise.


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