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Corsi in the Crosshairs – Bill Binney Blows the Whistle on Robert Mueller and DOJ Corruption

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Jason Goodman
Streamed live 13 hours ago

Bill Binney is a U.S. Army veteran and was the Lead Technical Director at NSA where he spent more than 30 years. When Binney discoverws the Agency was collecting digital information and building virtual dossiers on EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN he left to expose the unconstitutional systemic corruption. Today he is one of the most respected members of the whistleblower community. Dr. Jerome Corsi is a Harvard PhD and conservative author and journalist. Dr. Corsi has recently been the focus of Robert Mueller corrupt Special Counsel investigation. Having rejected a fraudulent plea offer, the doctor has hired Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch to join his legal defense team. Together they have announced intentions to file a criminal complaint alleging prosecutorial misconduct. In this explosive interview, Bill Binney lays out first hand testimony of the corrupt tactics of not only Robert Mueller himself, but the FBI, NSA, CIA, DOJ and their confederates, including elements of private industry.