COVID-19 masks provided NO PROTECTION during “pandemic,” British government now admits

02/05/2024 // Ethan Huff // 310 Views

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Health officials in the United Kingdom have confessed that the medical-grade masks the government pushed on everyone during COVID are completely useless at protecting people from disease.
The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) published a report covering an investigation into the most popular medical-grade masks that people used during the "pandemic," including the N95, KN95 and FFP2 models that public health authorities said would prevent COVID "droplets" from spreading.
Data was collected up through September 2022 and included at-risk groups such as people with Down's syndrome, some cancer patients and people with immune system disorders.
Scientists looked at a total of 4,371 studies about COVID, not a single one of which addressed the effectiveness of N95 and other equivalent face masks. In fact, at the conclusion of the investigation, researchers were unable to find a single piece of usable scientific evidence to back the wearing of a medical-grade face covering for protection against COVID.
"The review did not identify any studies for inclusion, and so could provide no evidence to answer the research question," the authors wrote. "No studies matching the inclusion criteria were found, so no evidence could be presented."
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Nonexistent mask science

As you probably well know, the mask debate was a contentious one that raged, generally speaking, between the pro-mask left and the anti-mask right. Seeing someone wearing a mask in public in America became an identifier of a "Democrat," while those showing their faces were generally "Republicans."
The academic and scientific worlds were also split on the matter as the more "progressive" participants supported masks and mask mandates while the more outside-the-box participants supported the freedom to breathe freely.
Lost in all the debate was actual science to support the wearing of masks, science that we now know does not even exist. The UKHSA looked for it but did not find it – and the UKHSA is not a partisan body that necessarily feels strongly one way or another about mask wearing.
Commenting on the new research, University of Oxford professor of evidence-based medicine Carl Heneghan told The Telegraph that it is "a significant failing" that there were never any high-quality trials conducted on the effectiveness of masks.
"I do not understand why there's been a lack of will to do high-quality trials in this area," he said. "We have completely failed to address this issue and I actually consider that to be an issue that the [COVID] inquiry needs to look at."
"For those people at low risk, these questions don't necessarily matter too much, but if you're at high risk, you really want this question to be addressed. You want to know the answer."
It says a lot about the current state of science when masks were pushed and even mandated based on politics and flimsy evidence that barely even constitutes evidence.
"If there's another pandemic around the corner, we still haven't addressed any of these issues," Heneghan added. "We've not learned anything."
Interestingly, the UKHSA had previously published a report claiming that all types of face coverings help to reduce transmission of SARS-CoV-2, claiming that N95 models are the most effective. Now, those previous claims have been voided based on the latest evidence, or lack thereof, concerning face masks.
"It is maybe surprising that there is no conclusive evidence one way or another [as to whether masks work], given that SARS-CoV-2 is perhaps the most studied virus ever, and masking was always a debated topic," commented Dr. Aodhán Breathnach, a Consultant Global Health Microbiologist at UKHSA and a Consultant Medical Microbiologist at St. George's University Hospitals.
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COVID-19 masks provided NO PROTECTION during “pandemic,” British government now admits –