COVID: The illusory LIE that allowed tyrants to take complete control of the world

04/15/2024 // Ethan Huff // 260 Views

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It went largely unnoticed when it first happened, but a speech given by Prof. Dr. Stefan Homburg last year about the fakeness of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) "pandemic" has gone viral, alerting the world to the COVID lie that destroyed freedom.On X, Dr. David Cartland shared video footage of Homburg speaking, and that footage is quickly spreading – you can watch it below:

Video Dr David Cartland on X: "Penny is dropping everywhere! I wouldn’t want to be a covid cultist/jabaholic doctor/nurse or one that knows deep down what’s happened and the collateral harms/injuries/deaths but is remaining silent to calling out the biggest medical fraud/crime ever committed on humanity!…" / X (

Homburg spoke at the 2nd Coronavirus Symposium in the German Bundestag on Nov. 11, 2023, where he and numerous others, including Dr. Michael Yeadon, Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Prof. Dr. Stefan Hockerz, Prof. Dr. Andreas Sönnichsen, destroyed the official COVID narrative with science and facts.
Homburg's words were powerful, warning everyone involved in the COVID scam that he would not want to be any of them right about now.
"I wouldn't want to be a COVID cultist, jabaholic doctor, nurse, or one that knows deep down what's happened and the collateral harms, injuries, and deaths, but is remaining silent to calling out the biggest medical fraud and crime ever committed on humanity!" Homburg said.
"The house of cards is collapsing!"
(FACT CHECK: The so-called COVID "virus" has never been isolated or proven to exist – the viral contagion narrative was a hoax!)
In order to prevent another COVID, those behind it must be dealt with

There are many who would prefer that we all just forget COVID ever happened. Now that the whole thing has been exposed as the biggest hoax and scam ever perpetrated on the world, the perpetrators involved want us all to simply forgive and forget.
That will not happen, though. As was referenced at the symposium, the past, in this case the COVID scam, will only be dealt with when the causes of what has happened have been removed, to quote philosopher Theodor W. Adorno.
"It is only because these causes still exist that the ties of that past have not yet been severed," Adorno's philosophy further states.
In short, Homburg's speech addressed most of the biggest lies that were perpetrated on the masses during COVID, i.e., hospitalizations and death numbers, disappearance of seasonal influenza entirely, and all of the medical fascism like forced masking, distancing, and later "vaccination."
Homburg spoke specifically about Sweden, which was one of the only industrialized countries that did none of that, and yet saw better public health numbers than Germany, which saw some of the worst and strictest measures and mandates.
"From a clinical point of view, in terms of actual illnesses and deaths, nothing special happened," Homburg stated about COVID. "Everything was normal. These are the facts, and that is the key point."
"The idea of a pandemic was based solely on a new type of mass, uncaused test, the results of which fluctuated wildly and led people to believe that there were more sicknesses and deaths than normal. This is not true. PCR testing for rhinoviruses may have created similar illusions."
Homburg concluded his speech by calling out every politician who refuses to participate in a proper discourse about all this. They have lost all credibility and the electorate no longer trusts them.
"Because of the enormous scale on which the population has been affected, it would have been right to set up a committee of inquiry," he added.
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COVID: The illusory LIE that allowed tyrants to take complete control of the world –