D.C. Dishonesty! Sen Majority Leader Schumer Trying To Add Critical Race Theory Into Defense Bill

by Eric Thompson about 16 hours ago

A tsunami of dishonesty has filled our nation’s capital.
Much of the legislation drafted for the massive spending bills are so long and complicated, that many of the elected representatives either don’t read the bills themselves or rely on their aids to do the work for them.
Fortunately, a handful still does, resulting in a few U.S. House conservatives catching Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) attempting to add dozens of Critical Race Theory (CRT) provisions, which are contained in Schumer’s weak plan intended to counter the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) actions against the U.S., into the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

The conservative house members are circulating a memo obtained exclusively by Breitbart News which exposes the details of Schumer’s plan.
It would spend millions of taxpayer dollars forcing the National Science Foundation to hire a “Chief Diversity Officer” and spend $5 million on things like “establishing a strategic plan for diverse participation” in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. Schumer’s plan would also force the National Science Corps to establish a pilot program for things like “advancing equity.”

“The China bill filled with CRT is like cocaine laced with fentanyl,” a senior House Republican aide told Breitbart News. “Together, they’re a deadly combination. Now, Schumer is trying to inject this mix into our annual defense bill and poison us all.”
“No one serious about confronting China would write a bill laced with CRT,” the senior aide added.

This inappropriate attempt to add social justice into the NDAA might be the result of the Democrats trying to sneak in CRT after losing the Virginia governor’s race. Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin — a Republican — focused on CRT and parental rights to defeat the favored Democrat former Gov. Terry McAuliffe.
Here is how confusing the Democratic leadership keeps things hoping to advance their agenda.

  1. The Democrat-controlled U.S. House has already passed its version of the NDAA — which does not contain these provisions.
  2. The Senate, at Schumer’s direction, has stalled on taking up the must-pass defense authorization plan, leading even Democrat House Armed Services Committee chairman Rep. Adam Smith (D-CA) to raise concerns with Schumer over it. Reports last week surfaced about Smith trying to reach Schumer to press him on when the Senate would be considering the NDAA and Schumer avoiding his phone calls.
  3. The Senate has already passed a bill called the United States Innovation and Competition Act (USICA)—previously named the Endless Frontier Act. The bill purports to counter Chinese aggression in academia, research, business, and technological advancement fields—but in reality, just spends a whole bunch of money on special interests Democrats have.

Per a source at today’s RSC meeting with Rubio, members took aim at Schumer’s Endless Frontier Act, which has garnered some bipartisan support, with one member dubbing it the “Endless Pork Act.”
— Juliegrace Brufke (@juliegraceb) May 12, 2021

So to summarize for us common folks.
Senator Schumer is holding up funding for the Defense Department, which is urgent, compelling people in his own party to question him on the delay.

Schumer is trying to sneak into U.S. House-passed NDAA, CRT mandates included in the Senate passed USICA bill, hoping the GOP Senators would miss the additions passing the modified House-passed NDAA bill.
Yes, slimy politics, but I am sure that many other pieces of legislation have passed after going through this type of dishonest political gymnastics, for the politicians’ sake, not their constituents.
Very simple GOP read all the bills!

D.C. Dishonesty! Sen Majority Leader Schumer Trying To Add Critical Race Theory Into Defense Bill (trendingpolitics.com)