DEBUNKED: Media reports about 2023 being “the year of record heat temperatures” are FAKE NEWS

01/17/2024 // Ethan Huff // 1.2K Views

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Three days after Christmas, ABC News ran a headline claiming that "2023 was the year of record heat temperatures." It turns out the claim is fake and driven by fake climate news.
According to Columbia University Irving Medical Center, people are getting sick with dizziness, vomiting, headaches and lethargy as a result of global warming – and their symptoms will worsen unless greenhouse gas emissions are "drastically lowered."
It sounds scary, right? The problem is that none of it is true. There is simply zero evidence to suggest that 2023 was any different than any other year in terms of global temperatures.
Even so, the climate-deranged corporate media would have us all believe that 2023 was the hottest year ever, despite the fact that weather records do not even go back all that far.
In an article for science news, Carolyn Granling and Nikk Ogasa wrote that 2023 not only shattered temperature records, it "changed the scales."
"Graph after graph tracking this year's soaring global temperatures reveal that not only were the numbers higher than ever recorded in many places around the world, but the deviation from the norm was also astonishingly large," they insist.
Is any of this true, though? The answer is no, the simplest reason being that nobody could ever possibly know for sure that 2023 was the hottest year ever in Earth's history.
(Related: By the time the 2030s arrive, the world is expected to see "severe cold and food shortages" due to a grand solar minimum.)
Nobody knows what global temperatures were when Earth began

University of Pennsylvania meteorologist Michael Mann wrote in his book "Our Fragile Movement" that "the rate of warming over the past century has no precedent as far back as we are able to look, not only hundreds or thousands, but many millions of years."
Was Mann present millions of years ago when the world supposedly first began? Because if he was not, how can Mann make such a declaration?
"Think about how impossibly hard it is to know how much the world warmed from say 3,450,000 BC to 3,449,900?" writes Jo Nova, an Australian independent investigator. "I mean in the last 10 million years there are 100,000 whole centuries."
"How many samples do we need each century from around the world to estimate what the 'global' rate of warming was in every single century? If we just have three samples from the year 2 million BC, could we really say we knew what the temperature was?"
As far back as available data currently goes, global temperatures have been in a constant state of flux. There have been spikes of warming followed by spikes of cooling, followed again by more spikes in warming and cooling after that. In other words, the climate is always changing.
There is zero chance that Mann somehow stumbled upon ancient records proving that Earth was substantially cooler thousands of years ago compared to how it is now. He appears to just be making up data that sounds scary in order to push his climate narrative.
"The year 2024 will be the year of scary stories, both covid and 'climate change' and a U.S. presidential election which will be centered around these scares and that the Left will do absolutely anything to 'win,'" one commenter wrote.
"Despite obvious colder temperatures in many places, they still maintain the fake claim of 'fastest ever' warming," wrote another. "They know that no one in the mainstream media or professional scientists who want to keep their jobs or scientific organizations will question it."
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DEBUNKED: Media reports about 2023 being “the year of record heat temperatures” are FAKE NEWS –