Deep state scrambling to locate missing top-secret binder outing Obama’s CIA for staging Russian collusion hoax

02/14/2024 // Ethan Huff // 3.6K Views

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Breaking new information has come to light about the Russian collusion hoax perpetrated against President Trump that links the entire thing to President Obama's corrupt CIA.Fox News' Jesse Watters covered the story this week, crediting Michael Shellenberger and Matt Taibbi for breaking it.
"Obama's CIA targeted Trump and started the entire Russia hoax," Watters explains in the following segment.
"For years, we were told that tips from an Australian diplomat tipped off the FBI after a random conversation with Papadopoulos, a no-name 20-something. But according to new reporting by Michael Shellenberger and Matt Taibbi, the whole thing was a CIA setup."

Jesse Watters

Report: Deep state is scrambling to find a missing top-secret binder that shows how Obama's CIA set up the Russia hoax @shellenberger@mtaibbi

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9:21 PM · Feb 13, 2024

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So, where's the binder?

The gist of it is this: Former CIA director John Brennan secretly identified 26 close associates of Trump whom he told the Five Eyes intelligence alliance to target through feigned interactions. After interacting and compiling information on their targets, Obama's CIA dubbed Trump's associates "suspicious" in order to then tell the FBI to launch an investigation that would ultimately turn into the infamous Russian collusion hoax.
"The details of this entire operation have been stored in a top-secret binder in a secret room in Washington," Watters says. "Trump ordered the whole thing declassified, and now the rumor is that the binder might be missing."
Shellenberger joined Watters for the segment to discuss the matter, revealing that as extremely serious and shocking as these allegations might be, he believes, based on testimony from multiple credible sources close to the House intelligence investigation of the Russian collusion hoax, that they are legitimate.
"Our sources tell us a very different story that this was initiated by the U.S. government," Shellenberger says, noting that foreign intelligence did not simply "inform" the U.S. government about alleged Russian collusion as was widely reported by the corporate media.
"It came from within the U.S. government's intelligence community, including the CIA, that they asked the so-called Five Eyes nations' intelligence agencies – that's the other English-speaking nations, including Britain and Australia – to spy on 26 Trump associates, or at least they had a list of the 26 associates that were identified. This is new information. Some people have theorized about this and speculated about it."
If the allegations are confirmed as being real, it will mean that the Obama White House committed serious crimes that include illegal spying and illegal election interference – the very thing they accused Trump and his campaign of doing to win the White House in 2016.
"The CIA got these allies to 'bump' these 26 Trump associates, create interactions, then call these interactions "suspicious" and let the FBI know they were "suspicious" – and that starts the whole thing," Watters reiterated in summary.
Concerning the alleged missing binder, Shellenberger says he and Taibbi will address that in the coming days so Americans can come up with their own determination as to what really happened within the Obama regime to illegally target Trump for intended elimination from the presidency.
"Trump knew they were going to try to come for the documented evidence of their crimes," someone wrote on X about how Trump knew this all along and probably has the aforementioned evidence in his possession.
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Deep state scrambling to locate missing top-secret binder outing Obama’s CIA for staging Russian collusion hoax –