Democrat blasted for saying Bush didn’t care about our troops, but Obama does

January 13, 2014 by Joe Saunders

Twitter reactions didn’t take long Sunday after U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings, one of the more delusional – or deceitful — Democrats in the House of Representatives, accused former President George W. Bush of lacking empathy for the troops he put in harm’s way in the national interest.

Commenting on the memoirs of former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, the Maryland Democrat told “Face the Nation” that Gates was wrong to describe Obama as lacking an interest in the war in Afghanistan because he didn’t view it as “his” war.

“I know the president,” Cumming said. “I know he cares about these troops. That’s basically what the secretary has said, so I’m glad he did that — I’m glad he maybe had second thoughts. And I can not say that was the situation always with President Bush.”

Dem Rep. Elijah Cummings Says Obama Cares About The Troops Unlike George W. Bush…Good Grief–Why not ask the troops you ignorant dolt…

— Jeffrey D. Dickson (@jddickson) January 12, 2014
@jddickson People I know in the military would beg to differ with idiot Cummings.

— Susan Dadamo (@SusanDadamo) January 12, 2014
Pictures don’t lie Bush shows admiration respect and love Obama shows disdain indifference and contempt @jddickson @gailtalk

— Beth Reynolds (@BethReynoldsGSD) January 13, 2014
@jddickson@alicesta926 Not to mention all those navy corpsemen.
— Shock and Aw Shucks (@JackDennisTN) January 13, 2014

No one who even casually follows the news could believe the George Bush who paid a surprise visit to U.S. troops in Iraq in 2003 didn’t care about the men and women whose lives were in danger on his orders.

Frankly, no one who follows the news would have difficulty doubting the same thing about a Barack Obama who slept up for a fundraiser in Las Vegas while Americans were under attack in Libya in 2012.
Now, get ready for the libs to spin that Cummings didn’t mean Bush didn’t care for the troops, he just meant Bush didn’t have “second thoughts” the way our nuanced commander-in-chief does. Spare us.
First of all, the Bush reference was gratuitous. Obama’s been in office for almost six years now. It’s his attitude about the soldiers he sends to war that’s in question, not his predecessor.

Second, Democrats don’t usually understand this, but actions speak louder than words. Bush quit golfing in 2004 because he didn’t want the mother of a soldier who died to see the president seeming to enjoy himself while she mourned. Can any honest person, liberal or conservative, imagine Obama making that kind of gesture?

Check out the video of Cumming’ blather here: