Democrat Official In Las Vegas Arrested In Connection With Stabbing Death Of Reporter

By Mike LaChance -
September 10, 2022


A Democrat local official in Las Vegas, Nevada has been arrested in connection with the stabbing death of an investigative reporter.

The reporter, Jeff German, had done some negative stories about the suspect, Robert Telles, who lost his last election.
Telles is being held without bail.
CBS News reported:
Local official arrested in slaying of Las Vegas investigative reporter Jeff German
A Las Vegas-area elected public official was ordered to be held without bail after he was arrested for the fatal stabbing of a veteran newspaper reporter whose investigations of the official’s work preceded his primary loss in June.

Clark County Public Administrator Robert “Rob” Telles, a Democrat, was taken into custody at his home by police SWAT officers hours after investigators served a search warrant and confiscated vehicles in the criminal probe of the killing of Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Jeff German, Sheriff Joe Lombardo told the newspaper.
The 45-year-old Telles, who faces a charge of open murder with a deadly weapon, appeared in front of a Las Vegas judge for the first time following his arrest. Prosecutors said he barricaded himself in his home during a stand-off with police and was found with cuts on his arms.
Prosecutors said German was found stabbed seven times outside his home and DNA from German’s hands matched Telles’. Wounds on German’s arms and hands indicate that he likely fought for his life, prosecutors said.
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Prosecutors added that Telles cased the neighborhood before the attack.
The suspect in the stabbing is apparently a gun control supporter. How’s that for irony?

Andy Ngô

Replying to @MrAndyNgoRobert Telles, a Democrat official in Nevada who recently lost a primary, is being investigated over the murder of reporter Jeff German.Telles was a staunch gun control activist. The reporter was brutally stabbed to death.

Rob Telles

@AMarch4OurLives I'm proud of you for your perseverance. Don't let anyone stop you. You are making a difference across our nation. Reasonable gun control should not be a debate.

4:17 PM · Sep 7, 2022


Replying to @ScottPreslerAccording to Robert Telles, we need more gun control, but stabbing reporters is okay (allegedly).


5:04 PM · Sep 8, 2022

Democrat Official In Las Vegas Arrested In Connection With Stabbing Death Of Reporter (