Democrats Already Caught Red-Handed Rigging 2024 POTUS Election

Posted on June 9, 2023 by State of the Nation

“You know a country is a banana republic when the ruling political party starts arresting their political opponents.” — A ZeroHedge Commenter

No other POTUS candidate in U.S. history has
ever been targeted with so many naked political
prosecutions and flagrant media persecutions
as President Donald Trump has.

What these unscrupulous prosecutions and despicable persecutions really amount to is a meticulously planned and highly organized criminal conspiracy to prevent Donald Trump from running for president.

The sheer depth and breadth of this Deep State crime wave committed against the legitimate POTUS and American people represent the largest and most sophisticated election-rigging operation in world history.
A vast international crime syndicate has been created for the explicit purpose of fixing the outcome of the 2024 POTUS election which includes just about all of institutional America.
In other words, not only is the communist-run Democrat Party at the hub of this complex crime spree, the entire U.S. Intelligence Community (all 17 agencies) along with every other organ within the U.S. Federal Government; every Democrat-dominated state, county and city government; the entire Mainstream Media; most universities and colleges, as well as virtually all of Corporate America are major co-conspirators in this electoral crime network. Let’s not forget the many think tanks and brain trusts, liberal political organizations and PACs whose main mission is to prevent a second Trump presidency BY ANT MEANS NECESSARY.
However, it’s especially the extremely powerful named and unnamed secret societies which are exerting their overwhelming malign influence on the upcoming election. For it is through their myriad covert machinations and malevolent manipulations that so many folks working throughout the ubiquitous BEAST System can be compelled and coerced to wantonly perpetrate election crimes to steal the 2024 election … exactly as they stole 2020 from Trump.
But let’s be very clear here: the real power to rig an election as big as POTUS is the power to prosecute. This is where every George Soros-installed District Attorney and State’s Attorney and prosecutor can be used to fabricate false charges against Trump with the sole purpose of keeping him out of the race. Of course, the extraordinary power of a “Special Counsel for the United States Department of Justice” can be particularly corrupting as we have seen by the completely crooked investigation of Trump by Jack Smith.
Has there ever been a more fraudulent prosecutorial process which has led to Trump’s outrageous indictment today?!
Submitted by The Armchair Political Analyst
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June 9, 2023

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