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    Democrats Begin "Massive Grass-Roots" Campaign Pushing Medicare-For-All

    Democrats Begin "Massive Grass-Roots" Campaign Pushing Medicare-For-All

    We are going to be pushing for it to get a hearing have this debate on the floor,”

    Wed, 11/14/2018 - 23:05
    Authored by Ryan Martines via,

    Pramila Jayapal, a Democratic Congresswoman from Washington, indicated on Tuesday that the time has come to begin laying the groundwork to vote on a Medicare-for-All bill once Democrats take control of the House in January 2019.

    “We are going to be pushing for it to get a hearing … to have this debate on the floor,”
    Jayapal told National Nurses United union members during a conference call, reports The Hill.
    Rep. Pramila Jayapal speaking at a ‘Hands Off’ rally to voice opinions about Trump’s budget proposal – May 2017
    Organizers from liberal groups, led by National Nurses United, said on the call that they are going to be organizing grassroots support, including phone calls especially targeting the 13 House Democrats on the key committees of Ways and Means and Energy and Commerce who they said have not signed onto the Medicare for All bill yet.
    Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), the idea’s leading champion, also joined the call and called for “massive grass-roots support” to push for Medicare for all.
    Jayapal, co-chairman of the House’s Medicare for All caucus, is likely to face headwinds regarding the potential legislation as Party leadership has yet to sign on to a bill or shown any interest in bringing such a measure to vote.
    In a recent interview with The Hill, Jayapal said the Medicare for All caucus is hard at work crafting a “revised version” of the Expanded & Improved Medicare For All Act, and aims to introduce it during Congress’ upcoming sessions.
    Hefty Costs For Those Who’ve Tried

    California pondered the idea of a single-payer health care system until they realized it would cost about $400 billion a year—more than twice the state’s annual budget.
    A single-payer bill passed by New York’s state assembly would cost $173 billion annually (the state generates about $71 billion a year in revenue).
    Vermont had to scrap their plans for a single payer system after realizing it would cost an extra $2.5 billion annually, almost double the state’s current budget, and would have required an 11.5 percent payroll tax increase and a 9 percent income tax increase.
    Nationwide “Medicare for all” could cost more than $32 trillion over its first decade, and other experts that may be a conservative number. Even if the U.S. were to double federal income and corporate taxes they would still not have enough to pay for this program.
    Cost Is Not The Only Issue.

    In Great Britain, 4.2 million patients were on England’s National Health Service waiting lists.
    In Canada, the median wait time between seeing a general practitioner and following up with a specialist is almost 3 months.
    The wait between seeing a doctor and beginning treatment is five months. According to a Fraser Institute study, the average Canadian waits 3 to 5 months to see an ophthalmologist, orthopedist and neurosurgeon.
    However, this has not done anything to stop the promoters of Medicare for All. Our healthcare was already expensive and Obamacare made it worse. Instead of practical ideas like rolling back the tax burden on insurance companies (caused by Obamacare); lowering regulations on health plans; not forcing consumers to buy coverage they do not need or want; and allowing the free market to create competition and provide quality care at a better cost.
    The best our politicians can do is promise “Medicare for All”?
    Sadly, promising the masses free anything usually prevents rational people from asking questions such as, “How will this be paid for?” or “Forget the intention of the program … what is the effect?”.
    If you're gonna fight, fight like you're the third monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark... and brother its starting to rain. Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    No more private insurance for these swamp rats...put them on Veteran's Healthcare!

    No pension...put them on Social Security!

    Term limits!

    No more lobbyist money!


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    Paying for Medicare for All

    The Democrats don't know how Medicare for All will be paid for – and they don't really care.

    November 24, 2018
    By Dan Joppich

    When asked how the Democrats will pay for Medicare for All, the "honest" answer from the DNC CEO, Seema Nanda, was that they didn't know. This isn't actually truthful, because they know what it will take to pay for this monstrosity, and if they admit it, the party will be sent packing come 2020.

    The press was willing to give Obama a pass when he lied about ObamaCare to say that "if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor." They looked the other way when he said premiums would go down. The media even took his, Pelosi's, and Reid's word when they said it won't cost the taxpayers a penny.
    The $40 trillion truth about Medicare for All funding is that the Democrats can't lie their way out of this reality no matter how deeply the compliant media buries their collective heads in the sand. No number of "experts" can convince enough people to go along with this boondoggle in the making.

    Remember, ObamaCare passed by a whisker because the Democrats had complete control of both houses and the White House. Today they may have enough votes in the House to pass something, no matter how crazy, but it won't see the light of day in the Senate.
    ObamaCare exempted company-sponsored plans, and they were going to do it in a way that nobody would have to pay a penny more in taxes. By doing this, they would supposedly limit the impact on the vast majority of the population. That made it easy for Joe and Jane Voter to go along with it. On the surface, ObamaCare was not a bad idea. Even the average Republican was in favor of doing something. So the messaging from Washington's left was that our company insurances would stay the same, it wouldn't cost us any money and we it was a good thing to do. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice...

    Even if the Democrats are able to get the media to ignore Trump's tweets on this subject for the next two years, they have insurmountable hurdles that amount to political suicide.
    First, ObamaCare, the plan that they expended so much goodwill and political capital to keep on life support, will have to be repealed and replaced. That will amount to admitting that it isn't working. That's a tough pill to swallow, especially if the Medicare for All push fails. It will open the door to a Republican replacement plan option.

    Second, Democrats will have to convince a couple hundred million hard-working families that it's a good thing for them to give up their company plans which they love so much. All for the good of the 10% who either don't want or can't afford health insurance.

    Third, this plan will put millions of people who work in the health insurance industry out of a job. Along with them, shareholders whose pensions and 401(k) Plans rely on dividends from insurance companies will be financially impacted. They may not be able to eat but don't fret, at least you won't have to worry about your health care. The government will be there to take care of you for free.
    Fourth, yes, companies will pay those health insurance premiums to the government instead of greedy insurance companies, but it will be impossible to ignore the fact that these payments will not even come close to covering the government's cost. Millions of small businesses that only survive because they aren't paying for employee insurance will be forced to pay government premiums too, putting them instantly out of business. Still not enough to cover the costs, but now there are a lot more people for the government to care for. But don't be concerned, because the dimwitted Democrats will reverse Trump's tax breaks for corporations and raise taxes on the rich.

    As always occurs under socialism, the leftists will eventually run out of other people's money and have to make big cuts in benefits and services. Republicans predicted a death spiral for ObamaCare. This plan will put the death in death spiral for the people.
    Medicare for All is merely a campaign slogan. If the democratic socialists of the DNC admitted to the truth, they would all lose their jobs. For now, it's easiest to just claim that they don't know how it will be paid for.
    If you're gonna fight, fight like you're the third monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark... and brother its starting to rain. Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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