Democrats destroy what they don't stand for, what they don't care about

Democrats do not care because they believe in absolutely nothing beyond control over everybody and everything.

October 17, 2018
By Michael James

I'm not done with Hillary Clinton, still the great white dope of the Democratic Party. She said, "You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about."

In every modern Democratic word and deed abides the truth substantiating this statement: Democrats cannot be civil.
I watched a video of Portland Democrats directing traffic as the police stood down. I saw them harangue one elderly driver. Another 74-year-old gentleman became fearful and bolted down the street. The Democrats involved chased him down and bashed his car.
And the police stood down.

Standing down in the face of leftist mobs is the brand of law enforcement Democrats desire and have brought down upon our country.
You and I care about treating the elderly with respect; leftist pigs stand for shouting F-bombs and calling them "white supremacists." This is the nation desired by Democrats – a nation in which they exercise all control. Control over what streets you may drive on. Control over where you may go. Control over who you are. Control over what you may say. Control over what you may do. Control over your health care. Control over who may speak in open forums.
Name an issue, and you will find Democrats grasping for control of that issue and thereby control over you. Guns? Sex? Energy? Education? Race relations? Immigration?
This video is an example of mob rule come to America, and I don't care what anybody at CNN says; the mob emanates exclusively from the left.
Democrats will not stand for the elderly because they don't care about them. What an ugly sight.
Democrats do not care because they believe in absolutely nothing beyond control over everybody and everything.
Democrats do not believe that a man is innocent until proven guilty. Democrats do not believe that the Electoral College protects representative government for all citizens. Democrats do not believe that the voice of the electorate should be honored. Democrats do not believe that a family should be able to eat a peaceful meal in a public restaurant without being abused and vilified.
Democrats do not even believe that Americans should walk or drive down a street if Democrats say they shouldn't walk or drive down that street. People who behave this way are absent a natural and evolved empathetic construct – there is something wrong with them. Something is missing within them.
Republicans can no longer guess or even speculate what Hillary's Democratic Party stands for or whom Democrats care about. It is extraordinarily obvious that at the most elementary human level, the party stands for nothing and cares about nobody.