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Democrats Launch Formal Impeachment Against Trump, This Is A Huge Mistake


Tim Pool

Published on Aug 9, 2019

Democrats Launched Formal Impeachment Against Trump, This Is A Huge Mistake. Jerry Nadler has announced that formal impeachment proceedings against Trump has officially been started. The Washington Post adds that they may have actually begun in July with the Democrats requesting information on the Special Counsel's investigation.The move by the Democrats to impeachment runs afoul of the polls and voter demand. Polls show that even among democrats only 39% favor starting impeachment proceedings and among independents 51% oppose impeachment proceedings.Voters are not currently asking for this and it seems like a last ditch effort to keep Russiagate in the news. After years of an empty investigation into russian collusion against Donald Trump Democrats don't seem to want to let 2016 go. Instead of focusing on policy issues like the 2020 Democrats are, House democrats seemed intent on pushing forward with proceedings that will undoubtedly fail if they even reach the Senate.To make things worse, 30 or so House Democrats are in districts won by Trump and risk losing their seats in 2020 if voters feel betrayed or if they feel the democrats are moving too far left.