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    'Despicable' Saudi prince 'sexually abused multiple women during three-day party at h

    'Despicable' Saudi prince 'sexually abused multiple women during three-day party at his $37m Beverly Hills compound'

    • Saudi Prince Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud, 28, was arrested earlier this week
    • Neighbors say a bleeding woman was found trying to escape his house
    • Charged with sex crimes before four more women made allegations
    • LAPD officers say they expected more alleged victims will contact them
    • But Majed's neighbors say he has likely fled the country and will not return

    PUBLISHED: 15:29 EST, 25 September 2015 | UPDATED: 14:24 EST, 26 September 2015

    A Saudi Prince sexually abused and beat at least three women during a three-day party in his $37 million Beverly Hills home, a new lawsuit claims.

    The graphic new allegations against Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud, 28, were filed by his alleged victims on Friday night.
    It comes two days after the monarch, who does not have diplomatic immunity, was arrested on suspicion of forcing a woman to perform oral sex on him.

    Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud, 28, a Saudi prince, was charged with forced oral copulation today after neighbors say a bleeding woman was found trying to escape from his Beverly Hills home this week (pictured)

    LAPD officers say that asince Majed's arrest another four women have made accusations against him, and say that more are likely to come forward (pictured, the Saudi Royal's front gate)

    According to the suit seen by the LA Times, Al-Saud's alleged victims described his behavior as 'extreme', 'outrageous', and 'despicable' as they were 'imprisoned' for days.

    Police reported a 'party atmosphere' when they arrived at the house after a bleeding woman was allegedly seen trying to climb out of the housing compound.

    Officers said they expect more women to begin coming forward with allegations.

    Majed was charged with forced oral copulation of an adult on Friday, then quickly released after posting a $300,000 bond.
    The Saudi prince is scheduled to be in Los Angeles court October 19th.

    However, speaking to Mail Online, neighbors say they believe the prince has already fled the country on a private jet, leaving his rented house behind.

    One woman, who would only give her name as Isabel, said: 'Numerous cars were coming in and out of the property late Thursday, and it looked like the Prince was moving out.'

    Meanwhile another neighbor, Eric Stiskin, added: 'I am sure he has taken off on his private jet by now. I don't think he even needs a passport to get out of here.'

    A third, who wished to remain anonymous, said: 'He has all the wealth to disappear and not come back. He can make a quick getaway, never come back and the accusations could still remain here.

    Majed was taken into custody on Wednesday but released after posting a $300,000 bond, and neighbors believe he may now have escaped overseas on a private jet

    One neighbor, who would only give her name as Isabel, said numerous cars were driving in and out of the home last night, and she believes Majed has now moved out

    'It's a cowardly way of dealing with things, when he should just face the music.'

    Los Angeles police were called to the gated community in the 2500 block of Wallingford Drive, Beverly Glen area, earlier today after a caretaker reported a 'disturbance', officials said.

    When officers arrived, they interviewed Al-Saud's household and escorted some 20 people out of the house, officials said.
    In addition to the sex crime charge, Al-Saud is also facing one count each of battery and false imprisonment.

    Neighbor Tennyson Collins told the LA Times that a resident had reported seeing a bleeding woman screaming for help as she desperately tried to climb the 8-foot-high walls on the prince's property.

    The Saudi Arabia Embassy in Los Angeles and U.S. State Department were unavailable for comment.

    Saudi prince arrested for alleged sex crime in Beverly Hills

    Majed is expected in court on October 19, but his house appears deserted, with many believing he has fled back to the Middle East and will not return to the US

    Beverly Hills is a popular summer vacation spot for wealthy young Saudis, Qataris, Kuwaitis and other Middle Easterners who often rent luxury properties in the area

    Neighbor Collins said that the home has been rented out to various foreign nationals in the past year, including one tenant who posted armed guards at the gates.

    But until the police arrived at the property Wednesday, he said the biggest disturbance had been the occasional raucous party.

    Beverly Hills is fast becoming a playground for the mega rich from the Middle East.

    For the past few summers, rich young Saudis, Qataris, Kuwaitis and other Middle Easterners, accompanied by their personal Ferraris, Bugattis and Aventadors, have flocked to the area after their former haunts in Paris, London, Cannes and Monaco became less receptive to the crush of super-expensive supercars with Arabic tags drawing crowds of gaping rubberneckers.

    According to witnesses, there are now no cars parked on the driveway to the home suggesting that Majed, who does not have diplomatic immunity, has now moved out

    While international travelers accounted for 63 percent of spending in the Golden Triangle last year - with one rich Saudi buying a $27million estate by helicopter without even walking inside, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

    Earlier this month a Qatari playboy fled the United States after police investigated a race through Beverly Hills involving his $1.4million Ferrari.

    Beverly Hills Police said the man who initially claimed diplomatic immunity has now left the country.

    Diplomatic immunity is rolled out to select foreign royalty dependent on their dignitary's status in their own country's government and the level of the offense committed abroad.

    Immunity has existed for diplomats and royals more than 50 years and is agreed on by almost every country in the world, even those with frosty international relations such as North Korea.

    It was signed into law under the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations to ensure diplomats can represent their nation without being harassed by their hosts.

    Furious Qatari drag racer confronted by videographer

    Los Angeles police were called to the gated community in Wallingford Drive, Beverly Glen area after a caretaker at the home reported a 'disturbance', officials said

    This is particularly essential in countries that criminalize behavior which would be perfectly acceptable at home, and those that prosecute people for political reasons. Diplomatic immunity is often also extended to members of royalty.

    There have been occasional abuses of the system - including the fact that diplomats do not have to pay parking fines. But it is extremely rare for immunity to be waived, and it can only happen with the agreement of the diplomat's home country. Some nations refuse on principle, while most reserve the measure only for serious crimes.

    Last year, a Venezuelan general wanted in the United States on drug charges and arrested in Aruba was released after the Venezuelan government protested his diplomatic immunity and threatened sanctions if Aruba did not release him.

    Read more:

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    It seems that it may be even worse. Total debauchery. Caution, this is pretty disgusting. The Saudis keep the Kingdom under a tight Sharia Law, but some appear to really party, including drinking and drugs as soon as they leave the country.

    EXCLUSIVE: 'I am a prince and I do what I want.' Cocaine-crazed Saudi royal 'threatened to kill Los Angeles mansion staff who watched him being pleasured by male aide'

    • Prince Majed bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, 29, made unwanted sexual advances at three female workers, court documents reveal
    • 'He held parties between September 21 and September 22 where cocaine was used, alcohol was consumed and escorts were brought in,' they claim
    • 'Tomorrow I will have a party with you and you will do everything I want or I will kill you,' prince is accused of saying to worker, a married mom
    • The women say they tried to leave the mansion but were locked in by Al Saud's aides
    • Prince Majed was arrested last month and accused of forced oral copulation of an adult after neighbors spotted crying and bleeding woman

    PUBLISHED: 14:40 EST, 20 October 2015 | UPDATED: 15:25 EST, 20 October 2015

    Prince Majed bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is accused of doing cocaine, getting drunk and forcing himself on three female members of staff, exclusively obtained court documents reveal

    A Saudi Arabian prince is accused of a having sexual relationship with a male aide, taking cocaine and threatening to kill women who refused his advances - as well as sexually assaulting a maid – Daily Mail Online has exclusively learned.
    Prince Majed bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud – revealed by Daily Mail Online yesterday to be son of the late King Abdullah – now faces an extraordinary series of allegations in a civil case brought by three female staff members of his Los Angeles mansion.

    Court documents seen by Daily Mail Online disclose how he is accused of being drunk and high at his $37 million mansion in Beverly Hills and repeatedly making unwanted sexual advances.

    The documents were filed by lawyers acting for three female employees of Al Saud.

    They include a claim that the royal attempted to urinate on the trio while screaming: 'I want to pee pee'.

    He also threatened to kill one of the women if she refused to 'party' with him and jumped on top of another and began rubbing himself against her in a 'sexual and aggressive manner'.

    When asked to stop, Al Saud allegedly then yelled: 'I am a prince and I do what I want. You are nobody!'

    All three of the women claim to have seen the royal having his penis 'stroked' by a male aide and say they were forced to stay in the room and watch as the encounter unfolded.

    Homosexuality is illegal in Saudi Arabia, and punishable by flogging, or even execution.

    Another says she was made to watch while a different male aide bent over and broke wind in Al Saud's face – apparently at his request.

    Scroll down for video

    Felony charges against Al Saud (left) were dropped by the Los Angeles District Attorney but prosecutors can now bring misdemeanor charges against him

    Al Saud rented this $37 million Beverly Hills mansion where it's alleged he threw two back-to-back parties with escorts and forced female workers to watch as a male aide pleasured him

    The revelations about Prince Majed come a day after it was revealed that Los Angeles District Attorney has decided to drop felony charges against the 29-year-old due to lack of evidence.

    Instead, the case has been passed to LA city attorney Mike Feur who will now decide whether to pursue misdemeanor charges – which could lead to a year in jail and a $3,000 fine should he be convicted.

    But lawyers for the women bringing the civil case say they are determined to succeed.

    'You are going to go upstairs. I will be there in two minutes and you'll do whatever I want. If not, then I'll kill you.'

    The women, all of whom are married with children, say they still have not been paid by the prince and are hoping to recover their lost earnings.

    The women's claims stem from a period between September 21 and September 25 – when Al Saud was arrested – and all took place at the Wallingford Drive mansion.

    The women had been employed by the prince to care for the house during his American holiday, although he also brought with him three friends and a group of butlers and other staff.

    On September 21, Al Saud threw a party at the property and arranged for 'multiple escorts' to attend.

    During the course of the evening, he became 'increasingly intoxicated' and was seen engaging in 'illicit drug abuse' by the three women.

    According to the women, this was cocaine – a conclusion they arrived at after seeing white powder around the rims of his nostrils and his 'abnormally dilated' pupils.

    The following evening, September 22, he held a second party where he 'continued to engage in heavy drinking, cocaine use and more escorts came to the residence'.

    That night, Al Saud is alleged to have 'violently' grabbed the first woman's hand 10 times and shouted 'I like you!' before insisting that she remain beside him at all times.

    Prince Majed is the son of King Abdullah (center) who died in January at the age of 90

    He also threatened her, saying: 'Tomorrow I will have a party with you and you will do everything I want or I will kill you.'
    The following day came the incident in which he attempted to urinate on the trio but was dragged away by an assistant before he could do so.

    The women claim they attempted to hide in the dining room but 10 minutes later, found themselves once more subjected to Al Saud's bizarre behavior, including the incident in which he rubbed himself 'in a sexual manner' against the second woman.

    According to the document, she attempted to reason with him, saying 'I'm a woman', only for Al Saud to turn around and scream: 'You're not a woman, you are a nobody! I'm a prince and I will do what I want and nobody will do anything to me!'

    The women, by then hiding on a balcony, were spotted by one of Al Saud's assistants who screamed at them to get back to work, adding that they must be with the prince at all times and were not allowed to have breaks.

    By now in tears, the trio pleaded with the aide, telling them they were terrified of Al Saud, having already seen him physically abuse his butlers by pulling their ears, punching them in the face and by throwing things.

    Again told to return to work, the second woman then approached Al Saud to pour him a drink – only to be subjected to a violent assault that left her badly bruised.

    The women then attempted to leave the mansion but discovered they had been locked in by Al Saud's aides and were told they were not allowed to leave.

    It was then that the royal threatened to kill the third woman, telling her: 'You are going to go upstairs. I will be there in two minutes and you'll do whatever I want. If not, then I'll kill you.'

    Al Saud then, it is alleged, became even more agitated and began to 'scream and make animal like sounds'.

    At this point the women managed to leave the house but without their personal possessions – forcing them to return the following day.

    Once there, they were told that Al Saud had 'slept off' the drugs and alcohol he had consumed and would not bother them anymore.

    However, after telling aides they did not want to continue working for the prince, they were threatened with forfeiting their wages and were again locked inside the house on the grounds that the royal needed '24-hour service'.

    When they did finally encounter the prince again, he was, say the women, being masturbated by another man who was 'stroking his penis'.

    But when they attempted to leave the room, the 29-year-old spotted them and ordered them to stay and watch.

    'You're not a woman, you are a nobody! I'm a prince and I will do what I want and nobody will do anything to me!'

    The first woman was also ordered to stop and watch as a different aide passed wind in Al Saud's face - again after stumbling upon the prince and his retainers in a room at the mansion, the documents say.

    She was also asked to 'lick my whole body' by Al Saud in exchange for payment and says he became aggressive when she refused.

    Their ordeal finally ended after police were called to the house where the prince's girlfriend, who he had earlier accused of having sex with another man in the bathroom of a club the previous evening, and the original complainant were found covered in blood, crying and shaking.

    Al Saud was then arrested and led away by the LAPD, allegedly screaming: 'No news!' at onlookers as he was bundled into a police car.

    Of the civil case, the prince's lawyer, Alan Jackson, said: 'I will not dignify these salacious allegations - which the District attorney found to be unsupported by evidence - with a response.'

    Yesterday, he said of the criminal case: 'The decision by the D.A.'s office not to file charges shows that the accuser's stories cannot be substantiated.

    'The sheikh is very happy to put it behind him and move on with his life.'

    Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud was the King of Saudi Arabia from 2005 until his death on January 23

    However, Jackson's words produced an irate response from the team acting on behalf of the women with attorney Vadim Frish describing his words as 'seriously false and troubling statements'.

    Plaintiffs were shocked to see witness Al Saud being masturbated by another man. Plaintiffs witnessed a man on his knees (name unknown) kneeling in front of Al Saud... Al Saud noticed the Plaintiffs attempting to leave the room and screamed 'you must watch this!'. Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 3 were forced by Al Saud to watch a man stroke Al Saud's penis

    Court documents accusing Saudi prince of sexual abuse

    He added: 'Mr Jackson's statements that the allegations are 'concocted', that this is nothing but a 'shakedown', and that our clients are 'trying to take advantage of a wealthy person' could not be farther from the truth.

    'Eventually, the whole truth will surface and Mr. Al Saud will have to bear the consequences of his despicable actions.
    'No one, including a member of the Royal Saudi family, should get away with this appalling behavior.'

    The prince is still in southern California according to his lawyers.

    However, he has not been seen at his rented $37 million Beverly Glen mansion since his arrest late last month and is thought by neighbors to have fled the country.

    Al Saud, who was allowed to leave LAPD custody after posting a $300,000 bond, was initially charged with sex offenses including 'forced oral copulation', and battery.

    LA city attorney Mike Feur is putting together the criminal case and yesterday said a court date will be scheduled for later this year.

    The claims echo those made during the trial of Prince Saud bin Abdulaziz who in 2009 was convicted of the sexually motivated killing of his Sudanese manservant Bandar Abdulaziz.

    The prince, 36, subjected Bandar to a prolonged campaign of violence and sexual abuse before beating him to death in a suite at London's Landmark Hotel.

    Sentenced to life imprisonment by the Old Bailey court in the British capital, he was deported to Saudi Arabia in 2013 under the terms of a prisoner exchange deal and is currently incarcerated in a Saudi jail.

    Prince Saud bin Abdulaziz (left) was convicted in 2009 of the sexually motivated killing of his Sudanese manservant Bandar Abdulaziz (right)

    Prince Saud bin Abdulaziz is locked away in a Saudi jail for the beating death of Bandar Abdulaziz at London's Landmark hotel

    Despite being one of an estimated 35 children born to Saudi Arabia’s late King Abdullah, Al Saud, who holds no official post, has nonetheless been tasked with high-level duties in the past.

    In photos taken earlier this year, Al Saud can be seen welcoming dignitaries to Riyadh following the death of his 90-year-old father.

    One shows him welcoming Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makhtoum, who also holds the titles of Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, to the Saudi capital.

    The two are followed closely by 66-year-old Sheikh Mohammed’s son and heir, the popular Crown Prince Hamdan, 32.
    A further photo shows him greeting Turkey’s controversial president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, 61, on the tarmac at King Khalid International.

    The pictures are significant because they show the esteem in which Al Saud is held in his native land – and by his father and extended family.

    Saudi Arabia is home to thousands of princes, although those from the royal branch of the House of Saud take most of the high level roles.

    Regardless, all posts in the kingdom within the gift of absolute monarch King Salman, 79, who has appointed members of his immediate family to key roles since taking the throne.

    One especially striking appointment was that of Defense Minister – a post handed to his 30-year-old son Prince Mohammed, who was also made deputy crown prince.

    The current Crown Prince is Mohammed bin Nayef, 55, the Interior Minister and a nephew of Salman’s.

    With the succession decided for two generations, the chances of Al Saud being given a more prominent role are small – even more so following his arrest last month.

    Whether another job will be forthcoming depends on the views of King Salman and his advisors, although with thousands of royals to choose from, nothing is guaranteed.

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    The real Arabian nights: Extraordinary picture shows drunk, burka-clad woman passed out in a Saudi street as ex-pats lift lid on secret debauchery

    • Police usually turn a blind eye to parties behind Western compound walls
    • But it is claimed they also ignore the wild parties thrown by Saudis
    • Ex-pats reveal Saudis brew super-strength alcohol made from potatoes
    • Rising numbers are now also taking Captagon - the drug favoured by ISIS


    UPDATED: 09:26 EST, 21 October 2015

    It is not a picture one expects to see coming out of Saudi Arabia: a burka-clad woman, lying down drunk in the streets of the capital.

    But ex-pats have revealed how this is not a surprising sight, as young Saudis do drink and take drugs at debauched gatherings - despite their countries strict laws.

    Westerners - who themselves admit to wild parties on compounds in the desert state - have lifted the lid on the excesses of their Saudi neighbours, including a growing taste for a drug used by ISIS fighters before they go into battle.

    Scroll down for video

    Wild parties: The western compounds have always been known for their parties, but Saudis also engage in drinking and drug taking, according to ex-pats. The claims are backed up by this picture, apparently of a woman in a burqa passed out on the streets of Ridyah, despite the country's strict laws

    Dry: Technically, selling alcohol is banned in Riyadh, and all Saudi cities, but ex-pats say it is freely available

    Their claims came as the picture of the 'drunk' woman emerged, apparently collapsed after a gathering held in the capital Riyadh - one of many held in the strictly Muslim country, right beneath the nose of the strict authorities.

    In theory, alcohol is banned. At worst, a person caught with alcohol can be put to death. Most of the time, however, they are sentenced to lashes and time behind bar.

    However, that doesn't stop people from brewing, buying and consuming alcohol in vast consequences - especially within the walled compounds where westerners live.

    'The parties are pretty crazy even by western standards,' one ex-pat told the Sunday Mirror.

    Tony, another ex-pat, told the BBC that while the compounds are like 'holiday camps' - but the Saudis were just as likely to be found with a drink in their hand.

    'There is quite a drinking culture with the Saudis themselves,' he said.

    'Most of the guys that I socialise with have stocks of Jack Daniels and other booze, as well as buying stuff that some of the expats brew.'

    Harsh: Punishment for those caught with alcohol can be death, but is more usually prison and flogging

    Risk: Despite this, young Saudis are known to make their own alcohol, some at a shocking 99 per cent prooof

    They also are known to make their own 99 per cent proof moonshine, made from potatoes, the Mirror's source revealed.
    The partying culture is nothing new. Five years ago, Wikileaks revealed how a Saudi prince threw a party for 150 20 and 30-somethings, where booze was flowing freely and prostitutes mingled with the super-rich.

    Attendees were protected from the authorities thanks to their host's royal status, according to an American diplomat, the Guardian reported.

    The dispatch also revealed a bottle of Smirnoff vodka could fetch as much as 1,500 riyals (£250), while the local version will cost just 100 riyals (£16).

    But it doesn't stop at drink: the Mirror's source also revealed how rich young Saudis have got a taste for the Syrian-made drug Captagon - a drug used by ISIS fighters.

    It has previously been reported that the drug is used to keep the fighters on both sides of the bloody conflict alert, allowing them to fight for longer.

    However, the source claimed: 'Rich young Saudi men love it and it has led to a deadly craze known as Drifting where they speed expensive sports cars up to 100mph and then slam on the hand brake for fun.'

    Read more:
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    Pretty damn pathetic to have all that money and luxury but still have to beat and rape women to get laid. Must be one real ugly and stupid prince. Most men with a 22,000 square foot estate and super car would not need to resort to violence and imprisonment for sex.

    What a real lowlife loser!

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    Article from the Mirror.
    'Devout' Saudis partying on booze, drugs and hookers while Briton faces flogging which could kill him

    A British insider has revealed the vices of privileged Saudi Arabians while Karl Andree awaits punishment of 350 lashes for possessing home-made wine

    A young woman wearing a burkha lies passed out in the street after a night of boozy excess in Saudi Arabia
    Drunkenly passed out on a roadside following a night of wild excess, this shocking image gives a rare insight into the secret world behind Saudi Arabia’s strict Islamic veil.

    The young woman, wearing a traditional black burka, stumbled from a party held by expats in the capital Riyadh - where booze, drugs and sex flow freely.

    A British insider has revealed for the first time how Saudis from elite circles use social networking apps like Tinder to source prostitutes, cannabis, black market abortion pills and 99 per cent proof moonshine.

    Moonshine: Bottles of 99 per cent liquor can be bought in Saudi Arabia

    He said: “Saudi Arabia prides itself with presenting its hard-line and devoutly religious face to the world, but beneath the surface everything is available at the right price and people turn a blind eye in one of the world’s richest countries where money is never a issue.”

    Our disturbing snapshot emerged as a British grandfather faces 350 lashes after breaking the law in Saudi Arabia when he was caught with home-made wine.

    Karl Andree, 74, who has battled cancer and suffers from asthma, was arrested in Jeddah in August last year for breaching the country’s strict anti-alcohol laws.

    Saudi Arabia is ruled by a devout brand of Islam known as Wahhabism, which metes out barbaric punishments including public beheadings and floggings, and is enforced by roving Islamic morality police, the Muttawa.

    But illegal vice trades are thriving in the desert state famous for pilgrimages to the holy sites of Mecca and Medina.

    “Potent 99 per cent proof booze is distilled from potato mash inside many of the western communities in compounds and sold freely in all the major cities in Saudi,” an ex-pat told the Sunday Mirror.

    “It is far stronger than the homemade wine Karl Andree was allegedly caught with and is regularly bought in plastic water bottles for a few pounds by dealers."

    Sky News
    Jailed: Karl Andree to be sentenced to 350 lashes in Saudi ArabiaAround 210,000 people have signed an online petition urging David Cameron to step in and save Andree from a flogging.

    Son Simon, 34, said: “He is very humbled by the support. He can’t believe it and thanks everyone.”

    Simon added: “The Government has had assurances from the Saudis that my father won’t be lashed.

    “However, I’ve heard of other cases where lashings still go ahead, so it doesn’t really give us comfort.”

    Our exclusive pictures show how one notorious bootlegger has mocked up labels for bottles of Captain Philips booze – inspired by movies starring Hollywood star Tom Hanks .

    The source said: “The parties are pretty crazy even by western standards. Many compounds have hot tubs and you often see people have sex in them.

    “Moonshine is sold in plastic cups and sold per drink like it would be at a normal bar.

    “Police officers in Saudi are only paid the equivalent of a salary of £700-per–month.

    “They are open to kickbacks from dealers and will often just confiscate the booze for themselves."

    Label: Captain Phillips Original Baileys moonshine

    An illegal drugs trade is also rife inside major cities, fuelled by cannabis and strong amphetamines smuggled in from Yemen and Syria.

    The source said: “Drugs are easily bought in Saudi Arabian cities – especially hash which is popular with the locals.

    “The real drug of choice is Captagon – a strong amphetamine popular with ISIS fighters who want to stay alert.

    “Rich young Saudi men love it and it has led to a deadly craze known as Drifting where they speed expensive sports cars up to 100mph and then slam on the hand brake for fun.

    "They do it wired on Captagon and it is killing lots people every year.”

    Our source says the trade in illicit pills is stronger than ever.

    He said: “Rich young male Saudi’s will send friends to trawl parties for drunk western girls and invite them back to their mansions.
    “They will also try to contact them on Tinder which has become a huge tool and is used by thousands of people looking to hook up.
    “It has caused a boom in unwanted pregnancies and any unmarried ex-pat of migrant who gets pregnant faces a hellish time and will eventually be thrown out.

    “It is a country of wild contradictions.”

    Our source said that despite the draconian punishments on offer to lawmakers, it is only the poor and migrants who live in great fear.
    The numbers of public beheadings at Riyadh’s central square known by locals for its grim nickname Chop Chop Square are down.

    <span style="font-family: PT Sans"><span style="font-family: inherit"><span style="font-family: inherit">

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