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    Dick Morris: Donating to RNC 'Waste of Money'

    Dick Morris: Donating to RNC 'Waste of Money'

    Thursday, 01 Apr 2010 08:27 PM

    Fox News commentator and bestselling author Dick Morris says the profligate spending under RNC Chair Michael Steele, spotlighted by the RNC's "strippergate" scandal, indicates that "when you give money to the
    Republican National Committee, you're wasting your money."

    He says donors should instead send money to other conservative organizations that directly contact voters on behalf of GOP candidates.

    Morris stops short of saying RNC Chairman Michael Steele should step down. Steele has endured harsh media criticism following the news that $2,000 of RNC money was spent, without his knowledge, at a bondage-themed nightclub in West Hollywood, Calif. But the real problem is the RNC's entrenched bureaucracy, Morris says.

    Editor's Note: See the entire Newsmax.TV interview with Dick Morris below.

    "They have a bureaucracy there, and consultants who are sort of getting used to being at the trough," says Morris in an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV's. "The shocking statistic to me… is that from the beginning of this year's cycle, which was Election Day '08 until now, the Republican National Committee has raised $101 million -- which is great.

    "But they've spent $107 million, which is terrible. And that means before there's an election, before they do any advertising, any voter content, any get-out-the-vote activity, they have wasted $100 million on overhead. And to me, that's the problem. I don't care where the nightclub is, I don't care if they're going to the Christian charity nightclub, as far as that's concerned. They shouldn't be spending money on anything other than direct content with the voters," he says.

    Morris, who serves as a pro bono strategist for the League of American Voters, another political organization that raises donations from conservatives, predicts that the image problems caused by the revelations won't hurt conservative candidates.

    "But I do think that what hurts them is that $100 million is gone, it walked out the door," he adds.

    Morris, the author of the soon-to-be-released "2010 Take Back America: A Battle Plan," tells Newsmax that the key to winning back GOP control of Congress is to "make America understand that there is no such thing as a moderate or conservative Democrat.

    "The Democratic majorities in the House and the Senate are built on Senators and congressmen who say they're not real Democrats, who say they're not liberals, they're not following the Reid-Pelosi-Obama line, but in fact they are. And we need to debunk that myth and make clear to everybody who wants to be conservative that the only way to do that is to vote Republican."

    Another dynamic that will affect the outcome, Morris says, is voter anger over the recently passed healthcare reform legislation. He doesn't expect that frustration will fade with time – in fact, quite the opposite.

    "The anger will increase because they'll be seeing all around them the consequences of this law," Morris says. "In the last week, we've had evidence that Boeing is laying off 500 more people simply because of this law. AT&T has taken a $1 billion write down against their profits."

    He adds: "We are all going to see our health insurance premiums increase dramatically. And that will have the effect in many cases of losing jobs, or of employers denying everybody coverage, then paying the fines because the premium costs just go crazy."

    Other revelations from Morris:

    The president's decision to drop his opposition to expanded off-shore drilling was "terrific." "It was really good, it took courage on his part. It might be the beginning of his moving to the center, adopting some of the lessons of my own tenure with Bill Clinton," he says.

    Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., is in serious political trouble because his public flip-flop on the abortion language in healthcare reform. "I think Stupak is in danger because he acted so stupidly, if you'll pardon the pun, right in front of the American voters," Morris tells Newsmax.

    The Obama administration is "deliberately humiliating" Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in an effort to force him to accept more liberal partners into his governing coalition who could then be used to leverage further Israeli concessions with the Palestinians.

    State Sen. Kim Hendren will "absolutely" defeat incumbent U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark., given that the latest polls show him with a comfortable 51 to 35 lead. "When a challenger is ahead of an incumbent they're almost certainly going to lose, and when a challenger is over 50, it's even worse," Morris says.

    In California, Republicans may win both the Senate seat up for grabs and the statehouse. Incumbent Democrat Sen. Barbara Boxer faces two tough GOP challengers in former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and free-market economics professor and former congressman Tom Campbell. And former eBay CEO Meg Whitman has opened up a solid lead over perpetual Democratic candidate and former Gov. Jerry Brown for the governorship.

    The Republican Party will recapture control of both the Senate and the House in this year's midterms, Morris predicts. ... ode=9AE6-1
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    I could not give money to the RNC...

    with the likes of Michael Steele, who recently entertained amnesty promoters,

    with the likes of Senator John McCain, crafting amnesty legislation,

    with the likes of Ed Gillespie, shill of the Chamber of Commerce, also pushing amnesty.

    Add in Jeb Bush, Dick Armey, Lindsey Graham, shall the list go on. Until the amnesty cons get shoved out of the limelight, I cannot support the RNC.

    Psalm 139:14
    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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    "The Republican Party will recapture control of both the Senate and the House in this year's midterms, Morris predicts."

    As a Republican, I'm happy to hear that, but as a life-time Republican from a family of Republicans who have been Republicans since there were Republicans, a word to the wise: it's not over until it's over and no one should take such predictions for granted. I really don't even know why people make such predictions this far ahead of elections.

    Furthermore, we have to not only win, we have to win with the right candidates who have the positions that will fix our country, who stay away from personal and religious issues that divide our nation and offend our citizens, and focus on the national issues of repealing Obama Care, stopping illegal immigration, passing the FairTax, protecting our trade, ending the War on Drugs and drill baby drill.

    Our country is in a clustermuck, struggling as hard as citizens can to find their way out of this almost overwhelming quagmire in which we find ourselves, and Republicans must set aside personal special interests and work to lead our nation out of this darkness with solutions that benefit everyone, that fulfill liberty and justice for all, that enhance our freedoms and choices, that conserve our budgets and time, that free Americans from what has become an intrusive, invasive, authoritarian, wanton disregard for the dignity, rights, liberty, well-being and prosperity of US citizens and our invited guests.

    No Republican can support illegal immigration, guest worker permits, increased legal immigration, amnesty or shamnesty under any condition, without betraying the founding principles of the Republican Party, that was founded to stop illegal imported labor, to end slavery, to establish immigration controls, ensure continuation of protected trade and improve workers rights, wages and working conditions in the process. How could Republicans vote against 10 years in a row against minimum wage increases when Republicans are responsible for the minimum wage in the United States to begin with? This is how we protect our most vulnerable workers, this is how we ensure that they are sustainable, that they can afford to pay their bills with the wages they earned, to prevent welfare, poverty, working poverty, unemployment, under-employment and all the costs of government associated with unemployed and underpaid workers.

    Connect the dots, folks. Go back to our Republican history. Understand why Republicans formed the Republican Party to begin with. Learn why their efforts have done more for the people of the United States than those of any single group in American History. Then commit to live up to a reputation so duly earned that so few seem to know.

    For example, you can not be a Republican and work for El Pueblo like Tony Asion who uses tax exempt monies and state grants to lobby our Congress and even the Republican Party to push through legislation that gives amnesty to illegal aliens in our country in violation of the very US immigration, US labor and US civil rights laws Republicans formed their party to pass for the American People. You can not be a Republican if you "stand on the shoulders of National Council of La Raza" like a former Republican US Attorney General. You can not be a Republican if you sponsor legislation that allows untold millions of foreign invaders to remain in our country to work at jobs stolen from US citizens and pursue a path to citizenship to cancel out the votes of US citizens, like John McCain and Lindsey Graham have done.

    Republicans are not the "welcoming party" of imported slave labor. We are the party that ended it.

    Make 2010 count folks.
    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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