Dis-Order in the Court! WATCH as a Judge and a Lawyer Actually Come to Blows After a Courtroom Argument

By Norvell Rose
4:01 pm June 3, 2014

How often do you see this? A courtroom dispute over a matter of legal procedure prompts a sitting judge and a public defender to “take it outside”, where, reportedly, the beef came to blows.
Sure, we’ve all seen the courtroom footage where a defendant loses it and starts swinging. Or a relative of someone on trial gets physical. But a judge coming off the bench, saying, “I’ll beat your a**” and brawling with an attorney?
What’s our justice system coming to? Maybe we should reconsider duels to settle disputes (just kidding).
Anyway, here’s the video of the escalating conflict that led to the Brevard County scuffle:

So far, no charges have been filed.