By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.

May 1, 2012

Pastor David Eels has two sermons weekly on the Unleavened Bread Ministries.org website. In the beginning of his message he has an interpretation of a vision or dream that is explored in depth. In February 2012 this part of a sermon had a vision of an eagle that appeared emaciated and nearly dead landing outside a large chicken coop. With great effort the eagle was able to get its beak into the coop where it began to break eggs and suck the contents of the egg into its mouth. This was followed by slow steady improvement in the eagleís
nutrition and health. Ultimately the eagle became dynamic and quite strong.

Pastor Eels interpreted this vision as follows. The Eagle represented the United States Government passing from nearly fatal financial weakness to a position of restored power and strength. This restoration might begin during a bank holiday when the government may confiscate all bank accounts, savings accounts, safety deposit accounts, pension plans and possibly stock brokerage accounts. Certainly the grave financial status of the government which is close to bankruptcy could be used to justify seizing citizenís assets.

There is a precedent for such action. On March 5, 1933 a bank holiday was declared by President Franklin Roosevelt which lasted one week. A friend of mine who is now 85 recalls her father arriving in their home in St. Louis, Mo. in tears completely distraught. He advised the family that all his $70,000 savings had been removed from his bank account. This was an enormous amount of money at that time.

In 1933 ownership of gold was made a criminal offense in an executive order signed by President Roosevelt. I am not aware of what percentage of private gold holdings were actually given to the government. No one knows what percentage of current gold coin owners would comply with a similar gold coin confiscation order today.

If the confiscation of private assets during a bank holiday takes place this brings about a possible major financial crisis that could have huge ramifications for the US population. Some writers have suggested that the bank holiday might be extended for months instead of 7 days so the financial impact would become far greater as very few U.S. citizens have sufficient financial resources in their homes to last several months of no cash flow. This could even lead to death by starvation in those not fortunate enough to be receiving food stamps.

Many persons believe that massive vaccination programs in children, failure to preserve U.S. soil and Canadian soil to an extent that North American soil is now the poorest of any of the continents in the world, FDA attempts to eliminate natural health products from U.S. citizens, promotion of hazardous Genetically Modified Foods without labeling, lack of warnings about dangerous margarine and transfats, mercury in amalgams, widespread usage of root canal surgery which causes chronic infection in every patient, nearly universal use dangerous sugar substitutes (aspartame Splenda etc), governmental coercion of dangerous cancer therapies that obtain pathetic results (chemotherapy and radiation), unscientific use of the carcinogen fluoride in drinking water, dangerous levels of unreported radiation entering the US from the Fukoshima earthquake and tsunami, usage of HAARP to cause earthquakes and tsunamis, lack of adequate radiation monitoring by both the US and Canadian governments following Fukoshima are all part of an insidious program to lower the world population by 90%.

When senseless wars, uranium use in the weapons of these wars, and media use of omission of truth and widespread use of false information is practiced it is not surprising that large segments of the population are oblivious to the real danger that our modern world faces.

Organizations that appear to play a role in this despicable plan to bring about a 90% reduction in world population include Illuminati, Club of Rome, Masonry, Jesuits, Bank of International Settlements, Bildenbergers , and Council on Foreign Relations.

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