Dr. John Coleman: Club of Rome responsible for SATANIC depopulation and transhumanist agendas

Thursday, May 04, 2023 by: Ramon Tomey
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(Natural News) According to author and whistleblower Dr. John Coleman, the Club of Rome (COR) is responsible for pushing the satanic agendas of depopulation and transhumanism.
The Daily Expose described the COR as the “ultra-secret governing body of the satanic Illuminati elite who own this world.” Coleman wrote about this organization in his 1970 book “The Club of Rome,” following his expose of the group a year prior. The Expose also cited a Substack piece by integrative medicine practitioner Dr. Ana Mihalcea that expounded on Coleman’s work.
“The COR is the chief ‘think tank’ for the New World Order. Set up on the orders of the Committee of 300, its existence was denied until the silver anniversary celebrations of its [1968] founding held in Rome 25 years later [in 1993],” Coleman wrote. “The COR plays a vital role in all U.S. government planning, internal and external. It has nothing to do with Rome, Italy or the Catholic Church.”
Citing Coleman’s book, Mihalcea referenced various remarks by the COR’s Willis Harman regarding the transhumanist agenda.
Harman remarked that “19 images of man dominate various epochs – and from each, he extracts such features he believes [are] useful for replacing the industrial-technological image.” He added that the COR and the Committee “hope to emulate” these programs that would eventually “turn the people of the world … [into] mindless slaves” and usher in a “New Dark Age.”
“We must change the industrial, technological image of man fast. Our analyses of the nature of contemporary society problems lead to the conclusion that the images of many that dominated the last two centuries will be inadequate for the post-industrial era. The image of man appropriate to that new world – not new [as] the concept, a Satanic one, is four thousand years old – must be sought, synthesized and then wired into mankind’s brains.”
Coleman outlined in his book several ways Harman plans to achieve this – including “women’s liberation movements” and experimentation with “new family structures” such as single-parent and lesbian and gay households.
COR wants to cull the world’s “unwashed”

Mihalcea also posted Coleman’s 1994 lecture that touched on the COR’s agenda to rid the world of the “unwashed.” She pointed to remarks made by former Defense Secretary Robert Strange McNamara, who said during a conference with the world’s leading bakers: “The biggest menace facing the world today is the American middle class and overpopulation.” Given this, the alternative medicine doctor stated that the COR aims to cull the world’s population by at least two billion. (Related: Study commissioned by globalist group predicts rapid population decline before end of century.)
To achieve this aim, the COR bankrolled research on biological weapons. Coleman remarked during his lecture: “That is why we had the sudden appearance of AIDS. There were chemical and bacteriological warfare experiments ongoing in Sierra Leone, Africa. They used Lassa fever virus for biological warfare purposes to get rid of millions of people in the world.”
He disclosed that the pathogens were taken to institutions such as Harvard University in Massachusetts and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention‘s headquarters in Georgia for further research. “Lives were in jeopardy from scores of man-made viruses like HIV and Ebola,” he added.
Coleman continued: “The government gave millions of dollars to Fort Detrick, where they did all the laboratory work on AIDS. They inserted AIDS into the smallpox vaccine and vaccinated people in Africa and Brazil, hence starting the AIDS epidemic.”
The author and whistleblower also revealed how the COR and other elites protect themselves from the same bioweapons they deploy to cull the population. Herbal compounds mixed with sugar and the protection of low-frequency radiation was their secret, he said.
Coleman recounted that the technology was developed by a virologist surnamed Gurtjev, who proved that every living thing has a vibratory cycle. Gurtjev was also able to measure the vibratory cycle of deadly viruses, and discovered that they can be instantly killed by doubling their vibration cycle.
“That is one of the defensive weapons they got that will kill the plague if they ever get it. The same technique will kill cancer cells,” he remarked. “[But] the medical profession run by the Rockefellers and pharmaceutical companies did not want you to know this.”
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Watch Dr. John Coleman’s full-length lecture from 1994 about the Club of Rome below.

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