Dr. Lee Merritt accuses federal government of lying about Ohio train derailment

Thursday, March 02, 2023 by: Kevin Hughes
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(Natural News) Physician and podcaster Dr. Lee Merritt has accused the federal government of lying about the Feb. 3 Ohio train derailment and chemical spill.
“The issue is [that] the cure they’re trying to give us is going to be worse than the problem, because they’re lying about about what happened,” she said during the Feb. 27 edition of the “Sons of Liberty” podcast with host Tim Brown.
“That’s what I’m afraid of, because there’s clearly an agenda here. That part we can spot a mile away now. And by that, I mean the fact that the EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] uses its power and … its codes in order to try and take people’s livelihoods and their land. We know that’s going on.”
According to the Merritt, it is very hard to untangle the truth with the American people not being told about what really happened. She also mentioned to Brown that the Feb. 3 disaster is very suspicious. Merritt noted how the 2022 movie “White Noise” showed a resemblance to what happened in the town of East Palestine.
Washington coming after America’s food supply, natural resources

The former Navy physician and surgeon, who hosts the “Merritt Medical Hour” on Brighteon.TV, noted that the Buckeye State is rich in minerals and farm land. The train derailment and chemical spill – alongside the burning of the vinyl chloride that leaked out from one of the railcars – is also being used for land grabbing. (Related: Dr. Lee Merritt: Ohio train crash is being used as a scare tactic to take down food supply – Brighteon.TV.)

“I think this is a land grab for the purpose of cutting out our agricultural base and possibly to get the minerals underneath that base,” Merritt told Brown. She added that authorities are also coming after America’s food supply by poisoning the soil. Prior to this, they initially targeted Amish farmers producing raw milk and farming cleanly.
The “Sons of Liberty” podcast host agreed, telling his guest that the globalist cabal wants to drive people out of their own land and round them up into cities.
Merritt remarked that this same cabal is responsible for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) catastrophe. This cabal has subverted America following World War II, though it goes back much further.
According to the former military doctor, Americans are engaged in a multidimensional war that is affecting every aspect of American society. She mentioned that people need to wake up and realize what is going on – America is now being under attack in a stealthy manner. People also need to realize that they have been led to believe a lot of lies in medicine, science and the way the world works in general.
The Medical Rebel ultimately called on Americans to understand why these globalists are doing these things. This cabal is using trickery to deceive people, and those who are playing their game must be careful.
Watch the full Feb. 27 edition of the “Sons of Liberty” podcast with Tim Brown and Dr. Lee Merritt below.

This video is from the Sons of Liberty channel on Brighteon.com.
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