Ebola: No Problem, Better Worry About Stockholm Syndrome

Michael BeckerOctober 11, 2014

The Foleys really need to go home and mourn in silence because their case of Stockholm Syndrome is more dangerous than Ebola if it spreads.

Ebola is nothing compared to facing an epidemic of Stockholm Syndrome, trust me.
Our hearts go out to the parents of James Foley, parents were not designed to bury their children, especially when their children die as James Foley did. That said, they really need to go home and mourn in silence because they’re currently pandering for Cindy Sheehan’s place in the far left nutcase hall of stupidity. We know that sounds harsh, it was meant to.
CNN, where else, is reporting on the Foleys’ interview with British, where else, television.
The parents of slain American journalist James Foley said Friday the U.S. and other governments will eventually have to negotiate with the Islamist group that beheaded their son in August.
“Eventually I think we’re going to have to negotiate,” John Foley said in an interview on French radio. “This situation is not going to be solved by military intervention and money alone. So at some point in time, people are going to have to talk.”
No Mr. Foley, we’re not going to have to negotiate. Negotiating with terrorists makes terrorism a profitable business and all you get is more opportunities to negotiate. That’s why most hostages are actually German or French, their governments pay. That’s also why they’re killing American and British hostages, they want to force our government into paying. It does nothing but raise the price and increase the number of hostages.
Foley’s mother Diane agreed that “we need to talk with them” and that ISIS needs “to be understood by our world.”
She said in the interview with Europe 1 that the U.S. should “reevaluate the policies about negotiation with terrorists” and Foley’s father conceded that while a ransom may not have saved his son’s life, “it wouldn’t cost anything to negotiate.”
Madame, you should be in a straight jacket. We currently understand everything we need to know about ISIS. They are Muslim butchers and they operate in the image of their pedophile prophet, Mohammed. We don’t need understand anything more than that about them, and now that we’ve reached that understanding we need to kill every last one of the butchering bastards and everyone who has ever thought of supporting them.

ISIS wanted 100 million euros and the release of all Muslim prisoners. Ummm, no.
The US government has the right position on hostage negotiation, no negotiation. Unfortunately, we don’t have the right position with respect to the war that has been brought to us by Muslims. Until we stop drinking from the “religion of peace” Koolaid pitcher and realize that the only thing that will stop Muslim terrorism is by waging total war against the terrorists and their passive supporters, we’ll be facing this situation, and worse, over and over again.