Eco-mob terrorizes, destroys French cement plant for “polluting” country with carbon dioxide

Thursday, December 15, 2022 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) As many as 200 far-left “eco-extremists” terrorized a cement plant in France this week in protest of its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.
Lafarge in Bouc-Bel-Air, a small community located just north of the city of Marseille, says significant damage occurred to both its facilities and vehicles after the eco-mob swarmed the premises, smashing offices and workshops, burning construction machinery, and cutting electrical cables.
A far-left French website took credit for the “unprecedented violence,” as Lafarge called it in a statement, claiming it to be an appropriate response to one of the “biggest polluters and producers of CO2 in the country.”
“Here in Bouc-Bel-Air, the ovens that have been targeted, long fed by industrial waste and tires, are now the symbol of greenwashing,” the extremists added about their work.
“Air pollution is considerable and has been repeatedly denounced by all the press and local residents. However, chimneys still spew their venom.”
The group further accused Lafarge “and its accomplices” of ignoring the cries and “anger of the generations” as the company continues to leave area residents “without a future in a world ravaged by their misdeeds.”
“Their machines, silos and mixers are weapons that kill us,” the group added in hysteria. “They will not cease without being forced to do so.” (Related: Other French businesses are being forced to shut down due to insufficient energy supplies caused by Western sanctions against Russia.)
Eco-terrorists promise to “dismantle” industrial infrastructure to save the planet from CO2

Producing concrete, the extremist group claims, is destroying the planet because it releases CO2, which plants “inhale” and use to grow and thrive and turn the world green.
Far-left extremists hate CO2, even though it is a building block of all life. They say it is a “pollutant” that must be eradicated in order to stop global warming and climate change.
“So we will continue to dismantle this infrastructure from the disaster ourselves,” the eco-terrorists further said. “We call on all those who rise up for the earth to occupy, block and disarm the concrete.”
France has seen a spate of eco-terrorist attacks like this one in recent months. Earlier this year, an electrical line was sabotaged, leaving about 5,500 customers without power. French prosecutors in Grenoble reportedly identified those involved.
“It is not to protest against 5G in particular but in a broader context, fighting against the techno-world,” those who claimed credit for the attack said in a statement.
“We want to salute all the arsonists who are acting in the shadows at the moment and repeatedly beating this technological hell.”
French police have also been assaulted by eco-terrorists, including in Saint-Soline back in October. Some 4,000 extremists attacked law enforcement officers there, injuring 61 of them, “22 of them seriously,” to quote French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin.
“This figure shows that it was not a peaceful demonstration but a very violent rally,” Darmanin added, later accusing those who participated in the melee as being guilty of “eco-terrorism.”
In the comments, someone joked that the world is becoming so “green” that “we’ll soon be grazing beside the cattle and eating grass,” which is what the globalists seem to want.
“Except for the ‘elites,’ of course, who will be flying to Switzerland in their private jets for an international conference about how to re-shape the wheel,” this person added.
“Not really,” responded another. “Their plan is to get rid of the cows since they pass gas and pollute the air. We’ll just be eating bugs and we’ll like it.”
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Eco-mob terrorizes, destroys French cement plant for “polluting” country with carbon dioxide –