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Electric garbage trucks in New York FAIL after just four hours – gas is what gets the job done

Sunday, January 01, 2023 by: Ethan Huff
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(Natural News) All the snow that arctic blast Elliot brought to the Northeast has driven a nail into the coffin of New York City’s misguided plans to convert all garbage trucks and snow plows in the city to electricity.
It was discovered that the vehicles just “aren’t powerful enough to plow snow.” In four hours or less, the electric vehicle (EV) trucks lose power and die, which is not what you want to happen in the middle of a winter storm.
The Big Apple’s continued efforts to “go green” are again and again being met with reality, which shows that EV technology is not going to work as a replacement for gas.
In order to get the job done, garbage trucks that can also plow snow must be powered by fuel such as diesel. Batteries will not cut it, though NYC’s Department of Sanitation is still going to try.
In addition to the 6,000 gas-powered garbage trucks that the city currently has in its fleet, another seven electric powered loaders custom-made by Mack will soon be joining them.
Each of these EV garbage trucks costs more than half a million dollars – $523,000, to be exact. And they are still in the order pipeline for delivery soon, despite the revelation that they just will not work.
“We found that they could not plow the snow effectively – they basically conked out after four hours,” announced Sanitation Commissioner Jessica Tisch before the NYC city council earlier this month.
“We need them to go 12 hours. Given the current state of the technology, I don’t see today a path forward to fully electrifying the rear loader portion of the fleet by 2040.” (Related: The EV industry is largely powered by child slave labor.)
The “green” transition from gas to electric is pushing America further into economic downfall – just like what’s happening in Europe

Not every city in cold areas of the country double-uses garbage trucks as snow plows like NYC does. This complicates the issue as some argue that a garbage-dedicated electric truck could, perhaps, work the same as a gas-powered one.
This is highly unlikely, of course, but that is the claim being made. And NYC is still moving forward with plans to incrementally transition its fleet to subpar electric trucks that are sure to fail when the city needs them most.
“How much power do they have? Can they run 12-hour shifts without a charge? I don’t know,” said Harry Nespoli, president of the Teamsters Local 831 union representing sanitation workers, about the electric truck idea.
“With current technology, full electrification isn’t possible now for some parts of our fleet, but we are monitoring closely and really hope it will be,” admitted Vincent Gragnani, a sanitation spokesman.
In the comment section, someone emphasized the fact that the EV rollout in this country “is going to hit a wall of reality” once society at large discovers that the economy will collapse because of this transition.
“About the time the bunny huggers figure out we are going to need a 100-fold increase in mining to start, their heads are going to explode,” this person wrote.
“The results from a basic Engineering 101 analysis of vehicle power demand versus battery energy capacity, including battery internal resistance, would have shown whether the EV garbage truck could perform as a snowplow,” wrote another, emphasizing the stupidity of NYC officials to ever think this was a good or viable idea.
“But it’s obvious that the EV garbage trucks were a political decision from which reality was excluded.”
The latest news about the failure of the electric-green dystopia can be found at ElectricCars.news.
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