The electric vehicle (EV) house of cards is COLLAPSING: “honeymoon is over … don’t expect the marriage itself to last much longer either”

09/15/2023 // Ethan Huff // 760 Views

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We were told they would be one of the key facets of a "clean, green" future, but electric vehicles (EVs) are rapidly losing their luster – and here is why.
You see, the EV scam was hastily hatched by far-leftists who are so detached from reality that they actually believe it is possible to just stop using earth-based fossil fuels on some arbitrary timeline with nothing viable to replace them.
Not only that, but "green" enthusiasts seem to lack the cognition necessary to see that there is no workable infrastructure in place to even accommodate the use of EVs as a total replacement for cars with internal combustion engines.
"The mass conversion from internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEs) to electric vehicles was never more than a Democrat / environmentalist hallucination anyway," says Dr. Ron Ross, PhD.
"It was the most ill-conceived government policy objective in modern history. The transition should have been a nonstarter. It's riddled with numerous deal killers. It's like having a dozen fatal diseases all at the same time."
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When the EV house of cards finally falls, TRILLIONS of dollars will have been lost

In a piece he wrote for the Climate Change Dispatch that was also picked up by Climate Depot, Ross explains at great length what would need to be in place just to create the possibility that a nationwide fleet of 100 percent EVs would work.
For one, energy generation and grid expansion would need to at least double, and very quickly. With the arbitrary deadlines the greenies have put in place, one of the big ones being Agenda 2030, that type of rapid expansion is simply impossible.

There is a reason why there was never any market research or feasibility studies done on the EV transition. Had they been, the results would have shown what we are now all finding out in real time: that EVs are a lost cause.
"The electric vehicle honeymoon is over," Ross contends. "Don't expect the marriage itself to last much longer either."
Another thing the greenies never considered is the lengthy charging times for EVs. While a gas-powered vehicle can be refilled with gas at any one of the tens of thousands of gas stations that dot the United States landscape, EVs take hours to charge – assuming you can even find a charger.
Someone with an EV who lives in California, for instance, would not even make it through Arizona, let alone all the way through Texas, if they were, say, taking a road trip to Florida.
"Did they truly believe everyone would tolerate spending hours to charge their vehicles rather than the minutes they were accustomed to?" Ross asks.
Sales data clearly shows that the American public is simply not interested, either due to cost or impracticality, in buying an EV. Heck, even car rental companies are having trouble getting their customers to rent an EV for a day or two, let alone buy one.
Even so, car manufacturers are continuing to ramp up EV production. This means that, in time, there will be EV graveyards full of unsold EVs, resulting in untold billions of dollars in losses and serious economic repercussions.
"We are spending trillions on a fabricated dream, all for imaginary payoffs decades in the future," Ross writes.
"When the EV house of cards collapses what will the reaction be? Ordinarily, for normal persons, it should be a time for regret, rethinking, and humility ... It would be good if the Democrat / environmentalist true believers learned something from the EV debacle."
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The electric vehicle (EV) house of cards is COLLAPSING: “honeymoon is over … don’t expect the marriage itself to last much longer either” –