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    Environmentalists Want Fed Control of Oil Cleanup

    May 19, 2:41 PM EDT

    Environmentalists want fed control of oil cleanup

    NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Environmental groups are asking the federal government to take over all monitoring and testing related to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

    Oil has been spewing since an offshore drilling rig leased by oil giant BP PLC exploded off the coast of Louisiana April 20 and sank two days later.

    In remarks prepared for congressional testimony, National Wildlife Federation President Larry Schweiger says BP is keeping too much information from the public.

    His group and nine others asked President Barack Obama on Wednesday to order more direct federal oversight. They want the government to release the results of all tests so far.

    BP says it is working urgently with federal agencies and has had a large degree of success keeping oil offshore.



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    Floridians are furious our Government isn't throwing everything they have at this major disaster. Do Something NOW.

    We have beautiful coral reefs in the keys and since the oil is now in the gulf stream it is schelduled to hit the keys in a few days while,the President,Homeland Security Fema And Congress twiddles their thumbs and allows BP to call the shots and run the show.
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