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    Every One, Please Thank Dana Rohrabacher & Sen Gregg

    When I came home tonight, I received a pre-recorded phone message from the DemocRATic Caucus urging me to call Dana Rohrabach because he was "blocking President Obama's Stimulus Package"...

    This man is very honorable and is "fighting" for America and deserves sincere thanks from ALL of us... further, please send a "Thank You" letter to Senator Gregg for "turning down the Commerce appointment on Obama's team... he is another "honorable" man that also deserves our recognition.

    Proud of Rohrabacher and Gregg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    What does that mean. I mean Rohrbacher or for that matter ANY Republican cannot block this package. The Dems have the votes they need. Also its not in the House again yet,is it? Dana isn't my rep., but he is a geat guy. Ken Calvert, who wrote the e-verify is mine.

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