Evidence shows Hamas attack killed far fewer Israeli civilians than first believed: Most deaths were among Israeli military personnel, NOT civilians

10/29/2023 // Ethan Huff // 6.3K Views

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The Cradle published an in-depth analysis this week looking at the variances between the claims of Israel about the October 7 Hamas attack and the evidence that largely contradicts it.
Not only did Israel lie about who died during the attack – it was mostly members of the Israeli military rather than civilians – but its own military forces (IDF) were also found by independent investigators to have been responsible for many of the Israeli civilian deaths.
This corroborates with the testimony of Yasmin Porat, an Israeli woman who told Israeli State Radio last week that she was one of the hostages in Kibbutz Be'eri who witnessed what actually took place.
Porat told the world in a now-censored interview that her Hamas captors were actually very nice to her and the other prisoners, offering them food and water as available and continually reassuring them that they would not be harmed or killed. Conversely, Porat says it was Israel Defense Forces soldiers who were doing all the shooting and killing, at least as far as she personally witnessed.
(Related: Meanwhile, Rep. Mike Johnson [R-La.], America's new Speaker of the House, is busy sending America's cash and weapons to Israel to "support" the nation-state as if it somehow represents the embodiment of Abraham's seed, even though the Bible itself says otherwise.)
Tel Aviv disseminating LIES about "Hamas atrocities" to garner more public support for planned genocide of Gaza

Perhaps the most disturbing element of Israel's propaganda campaign about the October 7 Hamas attack are all of the made-up "Hamas atrocities" that Tel Aviv is broadcasting to the world to try to emotionally and religiously manipulate the world to support its planned genocide campaign in Gaza.

In case it is not obvious to you yet, the main goal of Israel in all this is to justify the full-scale invasion and destruction of the roughly 2.3 million Palestinian people who live in the Gaza Strip, many of whom will likely not make it to safety before the IDF and its U.S. and other Western allies try to go in and complete their holocaust of the people of Gaza.
All those stories about Israeli babies' heads being chopped up and little Israeli girls being raped and dragged through the streets appear to be false, and little more than heart-wrenching propaganda designed to invoke moral outrage in support of Israel's plan to "defend itself" by ridding the land of all Palestinians.
In some of the video "evidence" that Israel put forth to try to substantiate these false claims, there appear to be crisis actors playing a role. In some of them, the alleged "Hamas" captors are not even wearing the usual Hamas garb, but are rather unidentified Middle Eastern-looking individuals wearing civilian clothing and sandals.
These people could be anyone, it turns out, but Israel expects us to just believe when they tell us that these videos are for sure true, and that the people shown in them are Israelis being captured, tortured, and killed by Hamas members.
One circulating video that the media claimed depicted a dead German-Israeli girl named Shani Louk face down in the back of a pickup truck is debunked propaganda because she is apparently still alive, according to her mother, who says the girl suffered some kind of head wound, but it remains unclear who her captors even were (could they have been undercover intelligence contributing to an apparent false flag?).
The fact that even addressing these anomalies and asking questions garners immediate accusations from the far-right of "antisemitism" just goes to show that some people really lose their minds the moment the word "Israel" is uttered, which is the result of decades-long false flag propaganda that told them the entire nation-state of Israel represents "God's chosen," no matter what its government and people say or do – and keep in mind that not all Israelis agree with their government, either, just as in the United States with Americans and their conflicting politics and beliefs.
The latest news about the Israel-Gaza war can be found at Prophecy.news.
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Evidence shows Hamas attack killed far fewer Israeli civilians than first believed: Most deaths were among Israeli military personnel, NOT civilians – NaturalNews.com