Evil in the medical system: Medically kidnapped children vulnerable to abuse in foster care

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Many people trust the U.S. medical system, but not everyone knows that some infants can be abused without their parents knowing about it.
In many cases, babies born in a U.S. hospital become a target for the "pharmaceutical cartel" that will try to earn money by telling parents that their children need various drugs and vaccines, especially psych drugs, to stay healthy.
Young patients can also be abused by pediatricians under the guise of caring for them.
There is a tax-payer-funded division of the U.S. government that employs a child policing network called "child welfare." This division has resources at its disposal to medically kidnap children if the parents try to disagree with "medical doctors."
One of the largest sectors of this evil system is the field of psychiatry where psychiatrists could abuse their power to kidnap children since they don't have to require laboratory tests or medical symptoms to kidnap them. Their word and reputation are enough to outweigh parental decisions and remove children from their parents' custody.
Reports suggest that psychiatrists are arrested for criminal charges more often than any other medical doctors.
The Citizens Commission on Human Rights International (CCHR), a psychiatric watchdog group, has reported on the abuses and scandals of the Universal Health Services (UHS) for almost a decade. CHHR applauded Lurie's investigation of UHS, which is one of America's largest for-profit psychiatric hospital chains.
Lurie’s investigation shed light on a rotten culture of child exploitation, including one facility where staffers reportedly repeatedly beat and dragged young patients. The investigation also discussed the cause of a 10-year-old placed there by Child Protective Services in 2021 who suffered a broken collarbone and black eye. (Related: Stanford researchers: Twitter FAILED to prevent dozens of child abuse images from spreading online.)

UHS-owned hospitals accused of patient sexual abuse

In 2018, a UHS-owned Timberlawn psychiatric hospital in Dallas, Texas, announced that it was closing its doors after state officials threatened to shut it down due to allegations of patient sexual abuse.
The allegations included the rape of a 13-year-old girl under Timberlawn's care.
Timberlawn is one of hundreds of behavioral hospitals owned by UHS that claims to be the largest psychiatric hospital chain in the country. The facility, like other UHS behavioral facilities in Texas and other states, has been plagued by many allegations of sexual and physical assaults against patients.
On January 19, 2018, The Dallas Morning News, which has conducted investigations into and reported stories about abuses at Timberlawn, revealed that, in recent years, the psychiatric facility has been under scrutiny over safety and other issues.
The issues included one patient who warned she was suicidal but hanged herself in the facility in 2014. In another case, one female patient alleged that a male patient entered her room and raped her.
On the same day, The Houston Chronicle reported that two teenagers had been sexually assaulted on the same night in 2015 at UHS's Kingwood psychiatric hospital in Houston. The incident was detailed in a lawsuit filed in Harris County court on January 8, 2018.
According to the lawsuit, hospital administrators acted negligently and were unable to "provide a safe and secure environment" for the two patients. The lawsuit seeks up to $1 million in damages.
In 2020, 20 former patients from the Cumberland Hospital for Children and Adolescents in New Kent County, Virginia, filed a lawsuit seeking $127 million in damages over allegations of "sexual abuse, physical assaults and battery, attempts to deceive public and state health officials, reckless disregard and violations of the Virginia Consumer Protection Act."
Cumberland is also owned by UHS, whose behavioral sector has been facing similar allegations for more than a decade.
CCHR has filed more than 38,000 complaints since 2015 to state and federal legislators detailing abuses in the for-profit behavioral industry, including against Virginia legislators and law enforcement and health officials.
Cumberland is one of nine behavioral facilities UHS owns in Virginia. Following the serious allegations in the lawsuit, CCHR called for Cumberland to be shut down, adding to the 20 psychiatric hospitals and youth centers already closed.
Dr. Daniel N. Davidow, a Medical Director of Cumberland for 24 years, was under criminal investigation for allegations that he inappropriately touched young female patients during routine medical exams. According to 12 former patients, Davidow sexually abused them.
Allegations against Davidow were first raised with police in 2017. The case did not proceed at the time, but in February 2020, media reported Davidow requested a leave of absence from Cumberland pending investigations into the sexual abuse allegations against him.
On November 21, 2022, court records revealed that Davidow was indicted by a grand jury. He is charged with two counts of aggravated sexual battery of someone who is incapacitated, and two counts of object sexual penetration by force.
The two accusers were formerly patients at Cumberland. Davidow is currently being held without bond at the Henrico County Regional Jail.
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