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    Excellent Site if you haven't seen it: Refugee Resettlement.

    This is a very interesting site with a lot of information and links to stories that bring home what is happening in America. We just need to make sure our system is working. For example, who decided who gets in and how many? I have no clue who the bean counters are but I am starting the think that they are very liberal and very progressive. Any arguments? Check out this interesting site and consider bookmarking it. If you know it, please post comments below to inform those like me who are not real familiar with the site.


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    DesertCactus - That site - Refugee Resettlement - is excellent. Thanks for posting. Though its focused specifically on issues related to U.S. refugee resettlement politics, it is jam-packed with information. I was kind of surprised. There are links to other sites, and articles on those sites. I found there one of the BEST articles I've ever read on the topic of mass immigration, and its effects on western/developed countries and cultures - European, U.S., and Australian.

    For anyone interested: Go to the Refugee Resettlement site DesertCactus posted, click on "Diversity" at top, then a page comes up with a list of articles, click on #3 and #6, especially #3.
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    Thank You Dessert Cactus, great site. I want to take my time and go through it in more detail later today when I have a bit more time.
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    Re: Excellent Site if you haven't seen it: Refugee Resettlem

    Quote Originally Posted by DesertCactus
    This is a very interesting site with a lot of information and links to stories that bring home what is happening in America.

    Yet another Federal government program that has been corrupted into bringing in cheap labor from the third world:

    Is USCRI supplying labor for Perdue Chicken? USCRI is the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants and is one of the top ten federal refugee contractors. The Bowling Green International Center is a subcontractor of USCRI. What sort of arrangement does USCRI have with Perdue?

    I had to laugh in searching around on the topic I came across a post I wrote back in February about USCRI bringing refugees to North Carolina to work in a chicken plant there! Here it is! Judy and I have written over 2500 posts in the last few years and we are finding our posts at the top of some google searches, but I guess I better search our own site first in the future!

    Brenda Walker writing at VDARE calls this Neo-slavery, here.

    In March of this year, I reported on a report from the Center for Immigration Studies about how immigrant labor keeps wages low in the meatpacking industry, here.

    A new study out yesterday from the Center for Immigration Studies confirms that immigrant labor keeps wages low in the meatpacking industry.

    One other little bit of information I found about the Perdue chicken factory near Owensboro is that it was closed by the USDA in 2007. It doesn’t say why they had been closed, but it must have been for health or safety reasons.

    [Notice that slums not zoned for American citizens because of safety issues and a "chicken processing" plant closed by law all of a sudden open up to hold new third world slaves called refugees. Is Janet Napolitano calling on Bush and Chertoff for new ideas?]

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    We have problems with Somali in Lewiston and Portland Maine. I discovered this site in a search. The lady that runs it, Ann, is so nice. She's at the top of my email contact listas her name starts with "A!"

    She rescues horses I think she said. I send her the articles I find in our papers on Refugees newest grip.

    She takes an article, grabs some of the good comments, credits the person who sent it or wrote a comment and relates it back to prior articles. This is her focus. I on the other hand am scattered in the fronts I am interested in. (Must be the ADHD huh!)

    I'm glad someone is keeping track of the atriocities within our systems.

    I told Ann about a Tea Party event once and she was going to it! As I recall it was that HUGE on in DC. The one the media MISSED!

    In the beginning she asked me some stuff about ALIPAC as she wasn't clear on our agenda, I think it was. On her site I'm Susan, Susan 2, or Chris, according to the newspaper I'm commenting on.

    I'm so glad you all will discover her site. The amount of corruption in everything Refugee is ASTOUNDING!!! What is it 129,00 a month they bring here to suck up our welfare and as far as jobs, most don't work, they just stand on corners and "look." Forget intergration!

    They have demanded Footbaths and Prayer Rooms in our schools and they GET THEM!!!!! I guess thay don't HAVE to follow the laws of seperation or church and state. Then there's the school rules of NO PORK allowed in the school, even the kids that bring a lunch. Political correctness is ruining my country and it SUCKS! Currently their complaint is following our laws of where a mosque can be, SO the City of Portland CHANGED THE LAW JUST FOR THEM! The police are taking classes on them YET they don't learn our laws. It's sickening and it divides the Americans. We all fight in the comments section.

    (Send me an email Ann if I posted something not right, I can edit it.)
    If Palestine puts down their guns, there will be peace.
    If Israel puts down their guns there will be no more Israel.
    Dick Morris

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