Experimental gene therapies and gain-of-function research is just the beginning of trans-human experiments

03/29/2024 // Lance D Johnson // 2.7K Views

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During the planning stages of COVID-19, several unethical experiments took place at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, (WIV), but some of these nefarious, transhumanist experiments are not getting the attention they deserve. The bat harvesting, the coronavirus gain-of-function research and the development of DNA surveillance testing programs and experimental gene therapies were just the beginning.Dr. Mathew Maavak recently asked the question, “If the COVID-19 vaccines were ‘experimental gene therapies,’ what other genetic experimentation continue unhindered out there?”
Over the past decade, the WIV also developed chimaeras or inter-species hybrids. The global biosecurity state is using this research to surveil and exploit the genetics and biological processes of humans and other animals. These forces are in pursuit of super-intelligence and seek to use this intelligence for global dominance. The trials that were planned during the COVID-19 scandal pale in comparison to the challenges that are to come in the name of advancing science.
Gain-of-function experiments are just the beginning

According to Dr. Maavak’s research, the type of research emanating from the WIV involves an ominous quest for further advances into transhumanism, the development of inter-species hybrids or chimaeras and the acquisition of biological super intelligence for population control and global dominance.
Dr. Maavak writes, "Chimeras are created when human embryonic stem cells are injected into embryos from another species. The goal, for the time being, is to induce the growth of targeted human organs."
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This is a field of science (CRISPR) that originally sought to eradicate congenital birth defects, but now this science has morphed into a global race to create designer babies and super soldiers, complete with biological surveillance and genetic control mechanisms. With the aid of nanotechnology, biotechnology, artificial intelligence and machine-neuralinking, global forces are in a race to control populations and monetize, rank and reward every emotion, behavior and thought, while developing the model citizens of the future.
Genome sequencing firm looks into high IQ individuals to design future superior species

A major genome sequencing firm, BGI Shenzhen, (BGI) is in the process of procuring and sequencing the DNA of Americans. BGI Shenzhen intends to become a “bio-Google” that will collate the “world’s biological information and make it universally accessible and useful.” BGI has worked with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation since 2012. Stephen Hsu, a scientific adviser to BGI spoke about harvesting “statistical power” from an “exceptional person” – which they refer to as someone with an IQ score of at least 160.
“An exceptional person gets you an order of magnitude more statistical power than if you took random people from the population …” he said.
These corporations view people as commodities and sources of data all the way down to the biological processes taking place inside them to the very genetics that they express. These genome sequencing firms are trying to identify and isolate the smartest genetic samples to optimize and transplant genetic material into future generations of people -- all in hopes of designing a superior species of human.
Eugenicists are deploying genetic testing of fetuses and pushing abortion to engineer the future of humanity

Eugenicists currently argue for “procreative beneficence” and claim that it is humanity’s duty to augment the genetic codes of future generations. They believe that failing to do so is a form of “genetic neglect” that is akin to child abuse. These are the underpinning belief systems that once elevated Nazis to eradicate what they thought was an inferior race. Similarly, laws are being crafted in China to eradicate lesser traits from the population pool. Genetic testing allows "the experts" to recommend that certain babies be aborted.
China’s Maternal and Infant Health Care Law (1994) pre-selects certain fetuses for termination if they can be screened for hereditary diseases or deformities in the womb. It won’t be long before babies are selected for termination if they are pre-diagnosed with an inadequate IQ. Mapping out the complex and unpredictable interplay between 100 trillion synaptic connections in the human brain may not take long with the help of AI. In China and abroad, genetic screening of babies in utero has led to the selection of more “intelligent” babies with the most desirable traits. If an undesirable trait is identified, the baby is recommended for termination (abortion).
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