Explosion of MEDICAL MURDER cases in America is part of the globalist DEPOPULATION plan

05/07/2024 // Ava Grace // 1.9K Views

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The sudden rise of "medical murder" cases in the U.S. is part of the globalist agenda to cull the world's population.Stefan Stanford of All News Pipeline elaborated on this in an April 18 piece. He cited an April 11 article on American Greatness written by Scott Schara, a staunch advocate against hospital homicide. According to Schara's article, "medical murder" is the no. 1 cause of death in the United States.
Schara mentioned that long before the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) entered the scene, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention already recognized "medical malpractice" as the third leading cause of deaths annually in the U.S. – with heart disease taking the top spot and cancer landing in second place.
But during the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. became No. 1 in "hospital deaths" with more than 1.2 million "hospital murders" in only 39 months. In contrast, India – which has quadruple the population of America – only recorded a mere 530,00 deaths during that period. For Schara, there is a sinister purpose behind this.
According to the piece, a whopping 135 million Americans are either on Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. Those costs make up over half of of the U.S. budget and, when divided by that number, it would equate to an average annual cost of over $35,000 per person.
"Think about it. People are too expensive; the planet doesn't have enough resources," Schara continued. "If Satan is successful at selling these lies, what we see happening in real-time fits like a glove."
Stanford agreed with the advocate, writing: "We've reported … that the U.S. [government[ and the globalists believe that the planet is hugely overpopulated. They believe they must 'do something about it,' and one could argue that's exactly what we're now watching playing out before our eyes." (Related: MEDICAL MURDER whistleblower: NHS ordered EUTHANASIA to inflate COVID-19 deaths in hospitals.)
Bioweapon disguised as a VACCINE played a big role in this mass murder

Schara also mentioned that "the plot thickens" when the relaxation of Medicare and Medicaid rules are observed – adding 38 million Americans to this bureaucracy.
"Following the pattern set by the Rockefellers – the government behind COVID-19 … wanted its citizens to have 'free' medical coverage to give the impression of helping. The reality is beginning to hit us now," Schara wrote.
"Most of these individuals got the bioweapon disguised as a vaccine. There is currently a 24 percent increase in all-cause mortality in the jabbed, [and] cancer rates are skyrocketing. What do you think the 'free' medical coverage will do to these people next?"
Bioethicist Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, a prime architect of Obamacare, wrote back in 1996 that when it comes to health care, services provided to individuals who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens are not basic and should not be guaranteed.
"The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services determines the standards of 'care' for the entire country. Doctors and nurses hide behind 'standards of care' as their excuse to kill us while being paid to do so. To be fair, some have little idea they are doing the dirty work, blinded by medical programming," Schara wrote.
"State statutes written long before COVID-19 give legal immunity for following 'standards of care.' I want to be blunt. Standards of care are designed to hasten death, and hastening death is murder."
Watch Scott Schara explaining how the practice of medical murder is intentional and by design below.

This video is from the Celestial Report – Celeste Solum channel on Brighteon.com.
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