This thread is about the FairTax Friday. Every Friday, Americans for Fair Taxation, the organization of Americans, mostly volunteers like ALIPAC, send out an e-mail with a newsworthy subject about the FairTax. So, to keep members of ALIPAC up to date on this legislation, HB 25 in the US House of Representatives, each Friday I will post the FairTax Friday email along with any other important news or discussions about it. There have already been several, and I'm sorry I didn't think to do this earlier.

For ALIPACers, the FairTax has relevance to our work against illegal immigration. Under our present tax system, while some illegal aliens file tax returns so La Raza can brag about them, the average income reported is $10,000 and the average federal tax paid is less than $1,000, almost all designated to Social Security and almost none to general revenue. We know what they cost us by their presence here and it's a disgrace our government has allowed this to go on unchecked.

The FairTax is a national retail sales tax on new products and services purchased for non-business purposes and repeals all income-based federal taxes including corporate income tax, personal income tax, capital gains, dividend, interest, social security and medicare payroll taxes, gift and estate taxes. All gone. The FairTax has a 23% rate which is split between 14.91% for general revenue and 8.09% ear-marked to fund social security and medicare.

Consumers pay all the FairTaxes which means:

1. Illegal aliens now pay the same taxes as anyone else living in our country when they make their purchases the same as anyone else

2. US citizens and legal residents are eligible for a Monthly Rebate to exempt up to the Family Consumption Allowance their anticipated expenditures for essentials so the net effect for anyone applying for the Rebate is that this portion of their expenditures is tax free as it should be. It's not based on income, every household of US citizens and legal residents, no matter what their total income is or isn't is eligible for the Monthly Rebate. For a family of 4, 2 adults and 2 children, that amounts to a Rebate of $527 a month or $6,440 a year from the government to be used as they see fit. Illegal aliens are not eligible.

3. Because illegal aliens aren't eligible for the Rebate, they are now at a cost of living disadvantage of on average $6,440 a year which means they can no longer afford to undercut American Workers.

Now for:


"December 4, 2009

"The Legacy of Boston Harbor

"The independence of our nation began first as a tax protest in Boston Harbor. “No taxation without representation!â€