Farsam Shadab warns: People are giving up their LIBERTY and PRIVACY in exchange for convenient technology

03/05/2024 // Kevin Hughes // 610 Views

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People are giving up their liberty and privacy in exchange for the latest technologies, Farsam Shadab of HoloSpace has argued.
He put forward this argument during a live interview with the Health Ranger Mike Adams on the "Health Ranger Report." Shadab – the founder of Enaxion, InterEnactive and Integral Commons – noted that things are way more controlled now than before.
According to him, people want to get the latest and greatest things to have more freedom, more choices and better technological tools. But in wanting this consumer freedom, they have eschewed governmental freedoms, liberties and basic common sovereignty. Shadab noted that this has led to the average person getting dumbed down and influenced by the existing institutions.
The Natural News and Brighteon.com founder agreed with his guest, commenting that people have been distracted. This distraction, he continued, is one of the major weapons being used against humanity to take their possessions, rights, freedoms and future.
Moreover, Shadab pointed out that there is a "bait and switch" secretly happening with people being unaware that they are ceding their privacy and rights. He warned that soon enough, AI will take away people's hybrid ability to use their tools and natural skills alongside the current degrees of freedom they have.
Adams also mentioned that artificial intelligence (AI) and the language learning models it uses will be heavily regulated. There will come a time that AI won't be allowed to put out "misinformation" – a euphemism for anything the government doesn't want people to say. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has already infiltrated Wikipedia for this purpose and it is in the process of infiltrating OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, as well. (Related: Big Tech, globalist elites join forces in secret meeting to talk about artificial intelligence.)
"OpenAI will be an AI mouthpiece of the CIA to push the Deep State intelligence community narratives, whatever they happen to be. And if you query OpenAI, you are going to get the same BS responses that you now get from Google," he said.
Current AI systems being used as training models for next-gen counterparts

The Health Ranger also mentioned that current AI systems, which still have links to humanity, are being used to create synthetic data. In turn, these synthetic data will be used to train the next generation of AI systems that have no links to humanity whatsoever.
Meanwhile, Shadab mentioned that the capture of the technology space started three decades ago with the introduction of the internet. He added that synthetic data and synthetic biology are coming along with the transhumanist agenda, which was openly spoken in the early 1990s. According to Shadab, people need to bring technology that preserves organic human intelligence and human well-being and super sophisticated systems that allow them to take care of one another.
Adams mentioned that every person could have a powerful AI system on their phones that they voluntarily use to enhance human knowledge and learning. This, he added, eventually benefits humanity in the long run.
"Some people are going to choose the seductive path of 'Entertain me, teach me, tell me what to think, tell me what to do,' and other people are going to choose knowledge and enlightenment. But I would say that all of human history has actually been that way."
The Health Ranger ultimately stressed that people need to use technology to empower each other and make their lives more meaningful, happier, joyful, healthful and productive. He said: "We don't have to be enslaved by technology, but we do have to understand it and, I believe, harness it."
Watch the full conversation between Farsam Shadab and the Health Ranger Mike Adams below.

This video is from the Health Ranger Report channel on Brighteon.com.
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