FEC’s ObamaGirl Made It Known: The GOP is her ENEMY

July 16, 2014 By Jennifer Burke

Lois Lerner’s counterpart at the FEC, attorney April Sands, resigned in April 2014 for violating the Hatch Act. That act prohibits federal employees from participating in partisan activities. Sands wasn’t just partisan, she was up front, honest, open and flagrant about her devotion to Barack Obama. She used Twitter as her outlet to call out those she viewed as her enemy. Coincidentally, they are the same people that Obama’s IRS targeted in an attempt to silence them as his political enemy. But, despite the allegations surrounding any involvement and wrongdoing in the government’s targeting of the Tea Party, Sands stands as a member of the government’s protected class, those individuals whose hard drives were mysteriously destroyed.

Sands not only boasted about her admiration for Obama, she made it abundantly clear how she felt about those on the Right side of the political aisle. Looking at Sands’ tweets, it is easy to deduce that she would do anything and everything to protect Barack Obama and bring anyone who opposed him to their knees. The Daily Mail reports on her well-known obsession and devotion to Obama that resulted in her illegal activities.

Following an investigation into her partisan political activity, Sands admitted to the FEC’s Office of Special Counsel that she had violated the Hatch Act, a federal law banning partisan politicking by most government employees, and agreed not to seek employment in the federal government for two years.

The special counsel wrote that she had ‘posted dozens of partisan political tweets, including many soliciting campaign contributions to President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign.’

She also ‘participated in a Huffington Post Live internet broadcast via webcam from an FEC facility, criticizing the Republican Party and then-Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.’

An FEC attorney who is still employed by the agency told MailOnline on Monday that Sands was known in the agency as ‘the most enthusiastic pro-Obama lawyer we had.’

‘Everyone called her Obama girl,’ said the lawyer, who requested anonymity because he is not authorized to speak on the record.

But, again, coincidentally, the hard drive of Sands is unavailable to the House Oversight Committee because the Obama administration destroyed her hard drive. Is the change we were supposed to believe in outright and blatant corruption and lies?