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Tuesday, May 16, 2023 by: Kevin Hughes
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(Natural News) The federal government is attacking gun dealers to take away Americans’ Second Amendment rights, according to the Medical Rebel Dr. Lee Merritt. She issued this warning during the May 10 episode of “Merritt Medical Hour” on Brighteon.TV, where former gun dealer Jim Hirschberg joined as a guest.
She began by warning that Washington isn’t targeting the Second Amendment directly, but is instead focusing on gun stores. Merritt, a former Navy physician and surgeon, added that the government through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is doing so by revoking gun retailers’ federal firearms licenses (FFLs). This, she added, allows the government to undermine the Second Amendment by zeroing in on the firearms supply.
Hirschberg also shared that aside from the FFL, gun stores also have the firearms acquisitions and dispositions book (FADB). Every gun that comes in the store is logged in the FADB’s acquisition section – including the make, model, serial number, caliber and type. The same is also logged in the dispositions section, alongside the names and addresses of those who bought guns. (Related: Buying too many guns, ammo could result in your bank shutting down your accounts.)
Customers also have to fill out the ATF Form 4473 whenever they buy a gun. This document lists down the type, serial number, make and model of the firearm. “But what they are doing is [that] any mistake [or] clerical error on a Form 4473 that the dealer might have made, however innocent, the ATF can use that to revoke [an FFL],” Hirschberg told Merritt.
If a customer buys more than one handgun in a week, dealers have to fill out an ATF Form 3310.4. This document, also called a multiple handgun form, will then be sent to both the ATF and the local sheriff.
Moreover, the former gun dealer said many FFL revocations happened in 2022 – thrice the number compared to 2021 revocations and the highest number in the last 16 years.
“This is where it’s become insidious because it happened under [former President Bill] Clinton. He shut down a lot of FFLs,” Hirschberg said.
“It’s happening again now. [President Joe] Biden came out with a zero-tolerance policy. Well, zero-tolerance policy? It’s pretty much zero-brains and zero-common sense policies.”
Firearms Owner Protection Act prohibits creation of gun owners database

“Once you lose your license, give up your license, retire, whatever – all your [Form] 4473s, however many you’ve had, for as many years you’ve been in business – get sent into the government,” Hirschberg continued. “You can’t tell me they are not creating that database out of all of these.”
According to the former gun dealer, the government’s creation of a gun owners database is their way of revoking FFL licenses. He added that under the Firearms Owner Protection Act, there is no entity – whether local, state or federal government – that can create a database of gun owners.
He also recounted that gun dealers who got their FFL received a visit from an ATF agent, who would explain how things work and issue a 300-page book about the pertinent gun laws. Hirschberg said ATF uses the gun dealer’s signature after receiving the book as proof that they understood all the firearms-related laws. They also use this signature whenever they revoke the dealer’s FFL.
Touching on Merritt’s earlier point about Washington strangling the firearm supply chain, Hirschberg cited the Department of Homeland Security‘s (DHS) purchase of more than 1.6 billion rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammunition during the Obama administration.
The DHS claimed at the time that the bulk purchase was done to get a cheaper deal. That amount of ammunition, supposedly for use in annual training, could suffice for more than 100 years.
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Watch the May 10 episode of the “Merritt Medical Hour” below. The “Merritt Medical Hour” airs every Wednesday at 7-8 p.m. and Saturday at 2-3 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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