FEMA’s emergency funds to be completely depleted within WEEKS – but at least Zelensky is still getting billions from U.S. taxpayers

08/23/2023 // Ethan Huff // 1.1K Views

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In just a few short weeks, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will run out of funding, according to Administrator Deanne Criswell.
During an appearance on "Face the Nation," Criswell painted a dire picture of FEMA's continuity, or lack thereof, as the nation enters the harsh hurricane season, which already saw a rare hurricane-turned-tropical storm named Hilary strike the southland of California.
"Our estimates do still say that we may have a depletion of our fund," Criswell stated, adding that she is watching FEMA's disaster relief fund "very closely" as September approaches.
"Now it's pushed into the middle of September. And as we get closer to that, I mean, this is a day-by-day monitoring of the situation."
Already this year before August 8 when Criswell made these statements, there have been 15 major disaster events in the United States so far, each of them causing more than $1 billion in damage.
This tally does not include the recent "wildfires" in Maui, which decimated Lahaina and caused an estimated $6 billion in damage to the popular, but now-destroyed, coastal Hawaiian city.
It also does not account for the peak hurricane season, which will begin on September 11 this year.
(Related: Perhaps it is a good thing that FEMA is running out of money, seeing as how the agency exists more to tyrannize Americans rather than help them in times of need.)
Biden asks recessed Congress for $12 billion to replenish FEMA's coffers; FEMA says it's not enough

Earlier this month, fake president Joe Biden asked Congress to apportion another $12 billion to replenish FEMA's disaster fund, though Congress is currently on recess until after Labor Day.

There seems to be plenty of never-ending money to send to Volodymr Zelensky over in Ukraine, but never enough to help actual Americans – why is that?
Criswell is not even happy with the $12 billion Biden asked for, though, as she insists this will probably not be enough cash for what the agency is used to having in its coffers.
"The $12 billion was going to be able to cover some of the immediate needs that we were going to need to get through this fiscal year," she said. "As we're continuing to see the increasingly severe weather events, that dollar amount may need to go up as we go into next fiscal year."
In other words, because of "climate change," which is fake, FEMA needs more money than ever before because the weather is supposedly getting nastier because of all that meat-eating and car-driving still taking place on American soil.
"The biggest thing that the president [sic] needs to see is just the actual impact," Criswell further whined. "It really feels different when you're on the ground and can see the total devastation of Lahaina. He'll talk to some of the families that have been impacted by this and hear their stories."
"He's really going to be able to, one, bring hope to this community, but also reassure them that the federal government is there. He has directed them to bring the resources they need to help them as they begin to start their recovery and their rebuilding process."
Criswell also talked about Hurricane Hilary, a major storm that just struck Southern California. Though it did not cause the level of damage that meteorologists were predicting, FEMA says it needs more money to handle that disaster as well.
"We had a lot of staff already on the ground," Criswell said. "We are moving in some additional resources to make sure that we can support anything that California might need, but they're a very capable state as well and they have a lot of resources."
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FEMA’s emergency funds to be completely depleted within WEEKS – but at least Zelensky is still getting billions from U.S. taxpayers – NaturalNews.com