March 17, 2009

Exclusive: Fined and Sanctioned for Seeking Truth about Obama's Eligibility?Margaret Calhoun Hemenway

John D. Hemenway, Esq., filed yesterday, Monday, March 16th, in U.S. District Court, his mandated reply by court order in the ongoing lawsuit to determine Barack Hussein Obama's (aka Barry Soetoro) eligibility to serve as President of the United States. The Judge, James Robertson, a Clinton appointee, ordered the response to his dismissal of the lawsuit, and threat to impose sanctions on Mr. Hemenway, to be submitted within a scant 11 days.

Judge Robertson pooh-poohed the lawsuit, initiated by former Sen. Hillary Clinton's political ally, Philip Berg (a former Deputy Attorney General in the State of Pennsylvania), implying that this issue had been resolved by "Twittering and blogging" and invoking "conspiracy theorists." Perhaps this Judge is not mindful that because of the modern-day phenomenon of fraudulent e-mails, a small bevy of organizations that offer "fact-checking" services have cropped up on the Internet in an attempt to thwart rumors and propaganda before they spread far and wide – and that some of those Internet sites purporting to be King Solomons of "truth or fiction" have also become partisan tools for defending the indefensible-- i.e. Mr. Obama's hiding of any and all records which would prove the legitimacy of his right to occupy the nation's highest office. These deceptive websites have therefore become co-conspirators in disseminating shoddy research and/or disinformation aired by Obama's campaign and camp followers.

Mr. Hemenway, a World War II veteran, Naval Academy graduate and Rhodes Scholar, claims he went to law school "for the same reasonâ€